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This is my lovely gallery.
It full of things I like to draw.
Come take a peek if you are interested.
If you don't like it than fuck you, I do what I want.



Unit# 1299 Rev and Emily Stratos by ShyDeathKitty
Unit# 1299 Rev and Emily Stratos
Here are some more characters that I brought up in the other Unit bios.
The first being Unit# 1299 Rev, the prototype of the 17th generation of the Peacekeeper Units.
The second being the daughter of Lucas Stratos and niece of Claus Stratos, Emily Stratos.
For Rev's design there is a bit of backstory on him.
When I first began Unit in 2010 as Rev's name was originally Dash and his Unit number was 1337, the same as Stella's is now.
Dash went through different design throughout the years which I call his different "Marks".
Dash Mark 1 was very robotic as you could clearly see he was mechanically, you could even see some of his joints and gears like parts.
Dash Mark 2 was still robotic, but also very streamlined to fit his speedy powers, even though he had long floppy rabbit ears.
Dash Mark 3 was turned into a child, as that time I played a bunch of Megaman at the time and wanted to see another competent kid like hero.
Dash Mark 4 was still a kid, but he had a more organic look, he was probably the weirdest of the different designs for Dash as I didn't keep that look for very long not to mention he looked like a Klonoa reject.
The final design for Dash was Dash Mark 5, and his design was heavily influenced by Tron Legacy as I created him the night I came back from watching that movie.
That would be the last time I would revisit Unit for a long time.
So for Rev, liking Dash MK 5 so much, I based Rev's design off of that.
Not much was altered to the original design reused for Rev, the only things I added was the belt and the scarf, with a few minor light glowy pattern placements.
However, still liking the idea of a younger hero character for Unit, I took Dash MK 3 and 4 and turned it into Stella swapping out the bunny for the fox.
As for Emily, like I stated in Stella and a bit of the other Unit bios is Lucas Stratos daughter, who he used to based Stella off of once she tragically died.
So keeping that in mind, I had to show were that said influence originated from.
You can see that same little hairclip on Emily, as well how her hairstyle looks; not to mention you can even see the little black fox plushie name "Stella". 
You could almost say that I had all of this planned out in advanced and are making subtle hints to which two characters who Stella was based after.
Personally I like the way these two came out, much like how I used white to highlight Stella's hair I used light blue on Rev's body to give him a slick shine to his black metallic body.
And Emily is quite cute, I gave her a big bow in her hair that kinda resembles little foxy ears, that's wasn't intentional, it just turned out that way I swear.  
One last fun fact before the bio pops up, I based Emily's dress off of the dress Roll (Megaman's sister) wore in Megaman 8, Megaman and Bass, Marvel Vs. Capcom 1, and Marvel Vs. Capcom 2; All I did was color it purple.

Previous Unit picture:
The Stratos Brothers, Lucas and Claus by ShyDeathKitty

Peacekeeper Archive Notes:

Please let it be known that this following picture is an photo of Unit# 1299 Rev and Emily Stratos when they were both still alive.

Audio log # 23405:

In year 3752 A.D. Unit# 1299 Rev was the first 17th generation Unit to be constructed within the Peacekeeper Military by Technoverse Labs.
Rev is the prototype of gen 17 and was built by a small team of the best scientist who studied strictly aniloid android construction.
The team was led by the genius “Father of Aniloids” Doctor Flint Stratos’ twin sons Lucas and Claus.
We gave them the core of Willpower to place within the prototype Rev.
Our head core developers told us that the Willpower core could theoretically never run out of power, fueling the Unit who used it for perhaps an eternity.
The only major issue with the Willpower core is that are R and D team did their jobs too well as the core is too powerful.
It is incredibly taxing on the Unit who uses it demanded a high amount of power to even active and even more energy to stay running.
If that said Unit isn’t outfitted with the latest tech, proper body interior and exterior armor it could be severely injured or in the worse case kill the user.
With this said information, we thought about cutting Willpower into pieces much like we did when constructing Unit# 1288 Esther Ursa.
However, during a recent mining exploration, we had found a plentiful amount of Maxillium reserves.
This lead us to the idea of making our Unit’s armor and body completely out of Maxillium instead of less than 50%.
We this new information and supplies gained we optioned for the full Maxillium armor build.
In Rev’s testing phase his body brushed off most live ammo and plasmas blasts with no effort at all, as his core proved to give him stable energy flow throughout his entire body.
Seeing how Sector V needed some new recruits we place Rev there under command of Esther Ursa, along with top sniper Unit# 1298 Trickshot from Sector W.
The group proved to be a great team together as they were the ones who discovered the terrorist group, the Digital Dreadnoughts while out on a scouting mission completely by accident or dumb luck.

During the year 3756 A.D. Lucas Stratos’ daughter Emily Stratos was born.
We let Lucas take temporary paid leave to take care of his daughter, and sadly pay for his wife funeral services.
During Lucas’ leave Claus was made head of Unit production and maintenance.
At this point in time Rev’s personality started to change, as he grew more cocky and reckless with his action in the field.
This proved irksome to deal with for not only his teammates, but also for us higher ups.
Rev was known to cause a bit too much collateral damage wherever he went, we often had to pay to repair the damages.
All of this didn’t help his attitude as Claus seemed to prise Rev like he was a “god amongst men”.
These problems processed for the next few years as the Digital Dreadnoughts started to really make themselves known.
In 3761 A.D. Rev had received a critical blow by one of the Digital Dreadnought’s active captains named Rezver.
Rev was victorious, but had to be carried back to Peacekeeper HQ for immediate repairs.
Lucas Stratos had just returned to work officially that day and was tasked to help fix Rev.
During Rev’s patching up, Lucas noticed that the Willpower core was putting far too much strain on Rev’s body.
Lucas feared that the Willpower core could overload and possibly result in the deaths of many if the problem wasn’t solved. Rev was labeled as “Broken” and was to be decommissioned by the end of the month.  
Lucas urgently pleaded to Claus completely rahul Rev’s body with the latest technology and replace every component that was damaged.
Now we must mention that Claus had grown very fond of Rev, often calling him his “son” and even thinking of him as one too. Claus was hesitant to operate and instead created a secondary core to place inside of Rev’s chest.
This second core restricted the amount of power Rev could use at a single time, and whenever he needed more power he’d “Rev up” his secondary core to use more power from the main core.
Claus fixed Rev and told us, “So long Rev doesn’t overrev his cores, he’ll be just fine!”
We looked at him with a considered amount of doubt as we saw the sweat from Claus’ brow, but seeing how much care and pride he put into Rev we gave him the benefit of the doubt.
In 3762 A.D. Emily Stratos was enrolled in the Peacekeeper’s Science Academy, so she could not only be close to her father and uncle, but to expand on her young growing mind for the next generation.
Although she didn’t take much interest in Unit construction but she did take an interest into the other components that went into the Units.
One thing that Emily completely invented on her own where energy boosting supplements, mainly drinks and pills.
Her one energy drink called “Pick me up” worked for both humans and aniloid kind alike.
The Units and various soldiers around the Peacekeepers were given a few bottles via Emily’s classroom and they sold relatively well, not to mention those who drank the Pick me ups did better in their daily workout regimen.
Not to mention the added fact that the drinks also taste wonderful.
As for the pills Emily made, they were specially made for Rev.
Even with the secondary core placed inside Rev’s body, he still had cornick chest pains that caused his psychical performance to drag.
Growing very worried for Rev’s well being, she created some specially designed pills just for him to take and hopeful stop his chest pain.
Emily’s pills for Rev actually seems to help him quite a bit, as his pains seemed to be much less damaging to his body now. Through these interactions Rev grew fond towards Emily, often treating her as his little kid sister.
We were glad to see someone still could grow fond towards Rev in the Peacekeeper HQ as his reputation made him not so favorable anymore.

In 3769 A.D. tension grew between the two Stratos brothers as they argued between each other’s designs and Rev with the rest of his team.
For Rev his reckless abandonment got himself into very hot water with Trickshot, as during a mission, Rev got Trickshot’s future sweetheart killed.
Sick of Rev’s devil may care attitude, Trickshot quit the Peacekeepers and moved away to Gamma-Gradient City to do god knows what.
Tired of dealing with Rev, Esther Ursa told us that she demoted Rev to just being a bodyguard, Rev didn’t take this well as he trashed his room before leaving his on base quarters.
Rev chose to be the bodyguard and babysitter of Emily, despite her being 13 at the time he started to do so.

Because we needed to give something for Rev to do that wouldn’t cost us too much money to fix if he had a bad day, we made he act as security toward the new urban expansion to Starbright City.
Technoverse Labs was to be moved to this bigger location as open up more facilities within Technoverse Labs itself.
Progress was steady as Rev and Emily even moved into the finished Technoverse Labs to live there and continue to watch over the workers.
Sadly at 6:30 AM a blindingly bright light shined over the construction site followed by a large explosion.
A few scout drones went to see just what had happened.
To our horror, we found that the entire area was devastated, only a few twisted pieces of metal that were once buildings.
A clean up crew with the Stratos brothers tagging along looked around the area to see if there were any survivors.
The only things that were found was Emily’s black fox plushie called Stella and the very few remains of Rev’s broken and smoldering body, with the core of Willpower completely intact and undamaged.
Things got ugly between the Stratos brothers after that…
With the last straw broken, Lucas quit working at Technoverse Labs.
He was given the core of Willpower to as he pleased, and was given money to fund his own personal workplace called Stratos Labs in lower Starbright City.
Claus still worked for Technoverse Labs for a while, but took a vacation to relax and take a well needed break.
Claus was panned with a ton of negative press, as that stated to call him “The Mad Doctor” as all of his inventions got labeled as ticking time bombs just waiting to go off.
Seeing the stress finally getting to him, we gave Claus a forced two week vacation to go wherever he’d like to go.
Strangely, he disappeared on his vacation and wasn’t ever found.
Wherever Claus vanished off to we noticed that he took what was left of Rev with him, why?
We don’t know, but perhaps he thinks he can rebuild him.

What was found one of Emily’s fanciest dress and was buried on top of the hill next to the shady weeping willow tree.
Emily’s school photo was placed over her homeroom class next to the door.

As of recently the Peacekeeper have gained a new member in Sector V, she is Unit# 1337 Stella.
The most shocking thing about Stella is how she is more or less a mix of Rev and Emily.
Stella sounds and acts much like Emily use to, and her body design is similar to Rev’s design only Stella is extremely more lifelike and less robotic like Rev was.
Also we noticed her name “Stella” was taking from that little plushie Emily loved to carry around, for it’s the only thing she has to remember the fact she had a mother.
If there is one thing that slight startled us about Stella was the fact she is using the core of Willpower.
Knowing what happened to Rev, we asked Lucas why he used the core of Willpower to power Stella.
He said “Don’t worry, I’m not my brother; I learned from my mistakes everyone. Trust me” and gave us a wink as he walked Stella home with him in his arms.
For the sake of not wanting another “Rev” on our hands, we’ll take much more care in monitoring Stella’s conditions daily, for Lucas refused to let us see her blueprints.
I suppose we’ll just have to take Lucas’ word on it and trust him.

End of log.

The Stratos Brothers, Lucas and Claus by ShyDeathKitty
The Stratos Brothers, Lucas and Claus
Well, i talked about the Stratos Brothers enough times in each of the Unit character's bios, so I decided to get these two drawn down.
Now, I'm not much good at drawing humans, but I tried my best to make them look unique.
I didn't want to go with the common "anime look" with the brothers, so I stylized them both a bit.
Lucas is the younger twin on the left in the blue, and Claus is on the right in the red.
Seeing how they are identical twins, I wanted a better way to show the difference then just having them wear different colored clothes.
So, taking a tip from Devil May Cry 3, I had Claus wear his hair in a slicked back style opposed to Lucas' hair while is just straight down.
I also added in a Lucas holding the core of Willpower and the goggles around his neck that will later become Stella's goggles.
As you can see they are pretty polar opposites from each other, Lucas being a bit more laid back, and Claus being much more serious.
Hopefully I managed to make them look good with this picture.

Previous Unit picture:
Unit# 1288 Esther Ursa by ShyDeathKitty

Peacekeeper Archive Notes:

Please let it be known that this following picture is an photo of the Stratos brothers when they were younger and still worked for us under Technoverse Labs.

Audio log # 23397:

The Stratos brothers were the finest android scientist that we had commissioned for construction of the 17th generation of Units. Lucas and Claus are the twin boys of their father Flint Stratos.
Flint was often quoted as the “Father of the aniloids” as he and his original team single handedly founded Technoverse Labs, and constructed Unit generations 13 through 16 in his 50 years of service to the Peacekeepers.
After his retirement, he introduced his two sons to us.
Lucas is the younger brother, he was 25 at the time.
His demeanor was very chilled and laid back.
He was often found taking naps and tinkering on whatever he could get his hands on.
His sleeping cycle wasn’t normal as he’d be up all night working and spend all day sleeping.
We were very skeptical of his abilities as he appeared to be far more lazy than Flint original described him as.
However, if there was one thing Lucas excelled in was his genius of creating new various devices to operate machines for both the old and the new. Backwards compatibility was something that hadn’t been done since the 15 generation of Units, for we had just replaced what was broken with brand new tech.
Lucas also had prior knowledge about Unit cores, as he shown us his few prototype cores.
They too were made for new Units, and older Units.

The older 25 year old twin was Claus, and he was Lucas’ polar opposite.
Claus was incredible hard working and meticulous in his work to the point of being a perfectionist.
His attitude came off as a tad cold as he appeared to only be at Technoverse Labs for science and science only.
Much like Lucas, Claus’ many different inventions were also backwards compatible.
However, it seemed like Claus was able to breath life back into outdated technology.
We didn’t know how he did it, but he was able to fix the last 5 active 15th gen Units and made them all feel like they were brand new again.
We were pleased with both of the brother’s results, the only problem we found coming up with their personalities.
Lucas and Claus were so drastically different from each other it almost seemed like they weren’t brothers at all.
But as Flint told us, they worked well together as each brother made up for what the other lacked.
We all came to the decision to hire the brothers on to Technoverse Labs as they began their work in 3752 A.D.
Their first task was to build a Unit designed for Battle only for we had developed a core called “Willpower” based off of Flint Stratos’ last few plans he had made before his retirement.
We had also supplied the brothers with Maxillium alloy, a new type of metal we developed specifically for generation 17 of the Units.
In just 10 months the brothers produced the prototype of gen 17, Unit# 1299 or as they dubbed him “Rev”.
Rev’s aerodynamic design and slick and smooth body shown that he was built to be a speedier Unit.
Rev was also had improved stabilite and multiple joints in his legs for grand leaps and rapid locomotion; this made sense seeing he was a rabbit.
Although both brothers worked on Rev together, Claus was the one who headed the project and worked on Rev for the longest amongst all of the member of the team.
Rev was tested for his abilities and it would appear he was the fastest Unit ever constructed at that point in time.
We assigned Rev into Sector V under the command of Unit# 1288 Esther Ursa.
We had also lifted Unit# 1298 Trickshot from Sector W and placed him in Sector V, for Esther need more capable Units for her squad.

In year 3756 A.D. Lucas’ daughter Emily Stratos was born.
Sadly his wife Amanda Kirkhope died during childbirth. Mrs. Kirkhope was a human soldier in the Peacekeepers, fighting in a skirmish over in the Whitewave Desert.
She was wounded in her abdomen by plasma backfire ripping into her internal organs.
Amanda was given an honorable discharge and retired with Lucas in their home.
Her old wounds opened up during childbirth as it made complications for her.
Lucas was giving paid leave to take care of Emily for her earlier years and to grieve over his wife.
Lucas still worked a little bit outside of his home to still help out with designs and plans.
Flint Stratos created a personal caretaking aniloid to help Lucas take care of Emily.
Claus was still at Technoverse Lab inventing away and continuing to work on the 17 gen of Units, creating Unit 1310 through 1320 during Lucas’ three year leave.

Lucas officially came back to work in in 3761 A.D. and worked under Claus, who became the head of Unit production and maintenance.
This caused some conflict between the brothers, especially when it came to Rev.
At the time Rev was a successful Unit, however he was very rash and impulsive.
Rev was often first to run out and cause trouble against the even growing threat that is the Digital Dreadnoughts. Simultaneously Rev’s body was also going through constant damage throughout his years of service.
The head Unit maintenance workers had labeled Rev as “broken” a ordered him to be decommissioned and have his core removed.
If the core of Willpower wasn't to be removed, the core would possibly overload and destroy Rev’s body in a violent explosion. Lucas was the one to bring this to our attention and pleaded to have Claus allow him to fix Rev.
Claus refused and instead put a secondary core in Rev to limit his power consumption.
This worked for a while but constant tweaks had to be made to keep Rev “stable”.

By 3769 A.D. Lucas and Claus had grown very distance to each other, as Lucas feels Claus was given too much power over all of the Units and their production.
He felt each one was becoming more and more dangerous to just be around and that they were being created far too quickly. Rev too was becoming difficult to deal with as he more or less spilt his entire team apart thanks to his carelessness in his last official mission, we had lost our top sniper Trickshot thanks to him.
Esther Ursa was forced to derank Rev, and make him Emily Stratos’ personal body guard.
Sadly a few days later, we were informed that the urban expansion to Starbright City was stopped because of an terrible accident.
Lucas’ concerns on Rev’s core overloading was brought to fruition as the construction site was attacked by the Digital Dreadnoughts.
The clean up crew told us that Rev was stabbed in the chest as the core was already malfunctioning and completely overloaded, killing everyone in the site.
Lucas did not take this well as he took his anger out on Claus  as it got very physically violent between the two when they explored what was left of the site.
Lucas quit working for Technoverse Labs after losing Emily, claiming he didn’t want to make weapons anymore.
Feeling awful for what had happen we helped build Lucas’ private lab Stratos Labs in lower Starbright so he could invent whatever he wished.
We also gave away the Willpower core to Lucas as a gift, we didn’t want to risk using it again, and he knew much more about the way the core worked then Claus did.
As for Claus, he continued to work for us for a while, but decided to take a vacation to ease his nerves.
Surprisingly, Claus never returned from his vacation.
A missing persons report was filed, but we never found him…

It is about time to close this audio log, we must admit that perhaps we pushed both brothers a little too hard with what we asked of them…
We just hope that Lucas is doing well, and Claus is still alive from where ever he disappeared from.

End of log.

Unit# 1288 Esther Ursa by ShyDeathKitty
Unit# 1288 Esther Ursa
This is my next character in the Unit series.
This is the Commander of Sector V, Unit# 1288 Esther Ursa.
I think I needed a strong "in your face" badass lady in the Unit series.
Seeing how bears are quite scary and powerful, I made Esther into a bear, but not just any bear a Polar Bear.
Most of Esther was colored in marker, so that's probably the only reason I got her done as fast as I did.
Personally I love the way Esther turned out, not to bad for the first bear anthro that I've created.

Previous Unit picture:
Unit# 1336 Maridia by ShyDeathKitty

Unit# 1288 Esther Ursa.

Full Name: Esther Ursa.

Year of creation: 3740 A.D.

Years since activation (age): 36 years old.

Series Model: Battler Unit commissioned by the Peacekeepers, 16th Generation. Peacekeeper Unit.

Physical Body age: 40.

Mental A.I. age: A 40 year old woman with vast military knowledge.

Sex: Female.

Animal specie: Bear (Polar Bear).

Height: 8’ ft (243.84 cm).

Weight: 450 lbs. (204.117 kg).

Energy: Solar Power. High powered mass accelerator 5 segmented core.

Core Name: “Might”.

Materials: Extremely dense Maxillium alloy.


She squadron, Sector V.

The Peacekeepers.

Her little Stella (spoils her to death).

Doctor Lucas Stratos.

Pushing her body to it’s limits.


Protecting Starbright City.

Devising plans.

Piloting mecha suits.

Making herself look presentable.


The Digital Dreadnoughts.

Being late.

Her squadmates being late.

Doctor Claus Stratos.

Getting stressed out.

Unmatting her fur.

Having to repair her weapons.

Getting check ups.

Washing her hair.

Unit# 1299 Rev.


Grizzly beginnings:

Esther Ursa was constructed nearly 40 years ago in the year 3740 A.D. by the “father of the aniloids” Flint Stratos.
Esther was made specifically to test the amount of psychical power a Unit could handle at that time.
If proven successful the next generation of Peacekeeper Units will be outfitted with newer and more powerful cores.
The core called “Might” was to be used inside of Esther, but there was a slight problem with the Might core.
The core was too powerful for a single body to handle without server overloading.
Flint Stratos fixed this problem by splitting the core into five different segments, placing the smaller fragments in Esther’s limbs while the biggest fragment was placed in her chest.
After activation Esther was taken straight to the practice range to test out her strength.
Thought out all of the tests, the splitting of the Might core proved the best as Esther’s body work perfectly in sync with the fragmented core, providing constant flowing power throughout her body.
It was also noted that long ranged combat wasn’t Esther’s greatest ability, but she was able to make that up by handling heavy weaponry with ease.
With passing her tests, Esther was ranked as Unit# 1288 and was tasked to Sector V in Starbright City.

Attack of the Dreadnoughts:

After 5 years of service in the Peacekeeper Army in year 3745 A.D. the discovery of a group of radicals called the Digital Dreadnoughts was made.
They were known for causing issues in Starbright City’s sister city; Gamma-Gradient City.
Sector V was tasked to go and find out what was going on while giving a helping hand to the Peacekeepers located in Gamma-Gradient City.
When Sector V got there, the Digital Dreadnought had already taken the mayor of the city hostage as they started to list off their demands.
Commander of Sector V at the time, Caman Voltnutt rushed forward into the Mayor’s building mowing down whoever got in his path.
Making his way to the top of the building, he saw the mayor being held at gunpoint by a team of mercenaries working for the Digital Dreadnoughts, doing the dirty work for them.
Noticing the mercs had rather advanced weaponry for just being hired guns.
Not wanting to drag this out sremish out any longer, Commander Voltnutt went right after the fiends knocking them out of the window.
The Mayor was saved, but at the price of Commander Voltnutt’s life as the mercs had explosives strapped to their bodies.
The bombs went off half way down the Mayor’s building, nothing was left of the four that fell out.
This was the first time Esther experienced loss on the battlefield, and it tore her up on the inside greatly to lose her Commander so easily.
From that day forward Esther became the new commander of Sector V.
She lead Sector V with much more care and safety than previous commanders did, making absolutely sure that no more little mistakes should so happen to spring up.
Her stricter demeanor made her slightly unpopular with the other Peacekeepers, but seeing how the fatality rates in Sector V diminished greatly, the higher ups weren’t complaining.

The next generation:

Seven years later in 3752 A.D. The Peacekeeper army commissioned Flint Stratos’ two twin sons, Lucas and Claus to begin work on the 17th generation of  Battler Units.
The first made from Gen 17 was the Prototype, Unit# 1299 Rev.
When Rev finished his training, he was assigned to Sector V, along side pro sniper Unit# 1298 Trickshot.  
Esther took Rev and Trickshot under her wing and taught them the basics of combat and strategy against enemies of the Peacekeepers.
The team appeared to work well on the surface, but underneath it all was a ruse.
For many years Rev was a constant pain in Esther’s rear as Rev tended to go off on his own and fight like a one man army.
He often endangered other members of the team with his reckless abandonment, not to mention stealing all of the glory to himself.
This also upset Trickshot greatly for when he was assigned stealth missions; his specialty, Rev always blew their cover immediately a upon arrival to the location.
The group got to a boiling point when Rev’s “heroism” got Trickshot’s finance killed on a mission to Gamma-Gradient City. Trickshot quit his services to the Peacekeepers entirely and disappeared from Starbright City altogether, cursing Rev’s name all the way down to the very end of the street.
Knowing Rev can only get things done “his way” Esther cut him from Sector V and let him be a solo officer in the ranks. Eventually Rev would become a bodyguard and babysitter to Lucas Stratos’ young daughter, Emily.
She blamed Claus Stratos greatly for putting the idea in his head that Rev was the greatest thing to grace aniloid kind.
This may have been a major contributing reason Rev had such an inflated ego.
Sadly it was only one week later when Rev met his end do to his malfunctioning body and was killed on his mission.
He took everyone out with him thanks to the large blast radius of the overloaded core of Willpower, including Lucas’ daughter Emily.
Fearing for Lucas mental well being, she stood by his side for a very long time even taking up residence in his home for morale support.

The new Sector V:

After losing all of the old members of the original Sector V, Esther needed replacements and needed them badly.
She already met Maridia Fairbottom through Stratos Labs and made her the captain of Sector V after only a single year of service.
While scouting the Peackeeper HQ, Esther and Maridia found at least two others to join Sector V, Unit# 1333 and 1334, those two had transferred from Gamma-Gradient City to Starbright City within the spend of three years.
Sector V was still missing a fifth member of the team, but they’d deal with that problem at a later date.
Esther was growing ever more concerned with Lucas’ depression, she tried everything she possibly could to get a smile on her sweet doctor’s face, but nothing seemed to work.
Out of frustration she shouted “If you miss your damn daughter so much, then why don’t you build a new one!”
She covered her mouth after realizing what she said and was getting ready be yelled at by Lucas.
Instead of yelling on Esther, he got up and kissed saying “Your brilliant Esther!” and raced to his lab to start working on some blue prints.
Esther stood there dumbfounded at what had just happened, but she was at least happy to know she got Lucas out of his room for a change.
Roughly 9 months later a new aniloid came from Lucas’ basement, his secret project that he worked on in solitude; Stella Stratos was born.
Originally Stella was made just to be a civilian aniloid, but Lucas had a feeling that one day she would want to be something more, so he outfitted her with the absolute most advance tech he could get his hands on.
Eventually Stella decided to become apart of the Peacekeepers, where she met Esther for the first time.
Esther thought that Stella was far too cute and young to be wanting to risk her life just to become a Peacekeeper.
However, wanting to be fair, she put Stella throught the same tests every other Peacekeeper had to go through.
To her surprise, Stella passed all of the test with flying colors.
Esther immediately place Stella in Sector V as the fifth member of the team.
In current day, Esther is still the leading commander of Sector V making sure to keep her teammate close so Sector V doesn’t fall apart again like it did so many times in the past.
She keeps a very close eye on Stella for Lucas’ sake, promising him that nothing bad will happen to her in the long run of things.


Esther Ursa is a very no-nonsense kind of commander that is in charge of Sector V within the Peacekeeper Army.
She has seen the consequences of poor teamwork and unnecessary heroism first hand and strides to make sure her entire team works together like a well oiled machine.
She has been labeled as the “Bad new bear” amongst the other active Peacekeeper members of Starbright City.
Despite her tough demeanor she is only doing this because she cares so deeply for the Peacekeepers, not wanting to have anyone else from going through what she did.
However, she does have a softer side. She cares deeply for Doctor Lucas Stratos, as for Flint Stratos told Esther just before he retired, to make sure nothing bad ever happened to Lucas and keep him safe.
Esther has even shown signs of affection for Lucas, and he has returned the favor on multiple occasions.
Her relationship with Stella is very close as she personally trains Stella when Maridia don’t have the time to do so.
Stella has grown very fond of Esther, other calling her “Momma Bear” whenever she is around.
It’s hard for Esther to keep her hardass leadership in control when she is around sweet little Stella.


Herculian like Enhanced Super Strenght:

Esther has the incredible ability to defy the weight limitations of most all aniloid kind and all other active Peacekeeper Units. Dense, lengthy, or overweight items are easy and simple for Esther to use in nearly any manner she deems fit.
She can lift, catch, or crush any item of any great weight.
Esther’s core of “Might” allows her muscles to dramatically expand for even greater use of her superb strength.
This not only benefits Esther offensively, but defensively as well, for her muscles densen to a point of becoming harder then steel.

Soundwave projectiles:

With Esther amazing strength, by just clapping her hand together with such sheer force can create a Sonic Boom that will damage any and all near by objects next to her.
She can get this same effect by just whipping her arm as fast as she can with a single punch.

Unit# 1336 Maridia by ShyDeathKitty
Unit# 1336 Maridia
Here is the next character in the Unit series.
This is a heat based Unit named Maridia, she is a sheep.
Original she was based off of the older design of Unit# 1338 Dot who was a cat.
Trying to think outside of the box, I wanted to make Maridia into a sheep as it's a less seen and less common anthro amongst the furry community.
As for the pose, I wanted something a bit more action like, and playing of the fact Maridia can fly with her fire powers, it seems to fit to have her flying and shooting fire (Think of Iron Man.).
Also, I thought it's be humorous to have Maridia's hair covering her eyes and you can only see her eyebrows for expression.
The only issues I had was with the colors as I had to think about what colors to make her; ultimately I just picked the warm colors and if seemed to fit without being too complicated.

Previous Unit Picture.
Unit# 1337 Stella by ShyDeathKitty

Unit# 1336: Maridia.

Full Name: Maridia Fairbottom.

Year of Creation: 3761 A.D.

Years since activation (age): 15 years old.

Series Model: Standard civilian aniloid, modified into battler Unit. 17th generation Peacekeeper.

Physical Body age: 18 years old.

Mental A.I. age: A 25 year old woman with average intelligence.

Sex: Female.

Animal specie: Sheep.

Height: 5’ ft 11’’ in (1.5 m 27.9 cm.)

Weight: 221 lbs (100.2 kg.)

Energy: Solar Powered and self generating Plasma Core.

Core Name: “Flambe”.

Material: Custom made highly heat resistant and heat absorbent Maxillium alloy.


Her Peacekeeper teammates.

Stella (Finds her cute).

Hot summer days.

Brushing/Combing her wool.

Polishing her horns and bell.

Reinforcing her armor.

Practicing her kickboxing.

Honing her flames.

Long hot baths.


The cold.


People making fun of her last name “Fairbottom”.



Her floppy ears, they can get in the way.

Getting wedgies.

Shining her hooves.

Males staring at her ass.


Thermal Scientist Ms. Fairbottom:

Maridia Fairbottom starred her life as an average civilian aniloid working as a scientist at Technoverse Labs. Maridia’s speciality was in Thermal and Geothermal studies, she was often finding new ways to harness heated energy sources to power more appliances.
While out on an active volcano site far outside of Starbright City, Maridia found the Stratos brothers talking to one of the small groups of engineers.
They were wondering if it was possible the group could lend some much needed assistance in making a thermal based core for a Peacekeeper Unit.
The group all pointed at Maridia, as she was most experienced in compressing thermal energy into containers for alternate use and transport.
Honored by the offer, Maridia followed the Stratos brothers back into their private labs to help them on their research.
At the time, the brothers were working on Unit# 1328, a Peacekeeper that was meant to use heat based powers to attack and fuel itself.
Claus thought about trying nuclear or atomic energy, but Lucas said no to that as it’d be far too dangerous to even attempt. Maridia commented that she could develop a core infused with plasma energy that could play off of 1328’s solar powered body, giving it a mass amount of power to absorb and expel.
The two Stratos brothers agreed and allowed Maridia full control of create her thermal core.
Working closely with the Stratos brothers, Maridia was able to create a core named “Blaze” that was placed into Unit# 1328’s body and was a complete success as 1328 was able to function with no issue.
Pleased with the results, Maridia was given a generous pay rise and promotion to top thermal scientist in Technoverse Labs.

Let’s experiment on myself:

In the year 3769 A.D. The Peacekeepers suffered a terrible blow to their ranks.
Unit# 1299 Rev was killed in action while defending a construction site for an urban expansion for Starbright City in the lower west side. It was later confirmed Rev’s core overloaded with power and self destructed with such immense force, that whoever was on the site was killed by the blast.
Lucas Stratos took this the hardest as his daughter Emily Stratos was killed in the blast.
He blamed Claus greatly for Emily’s death and a rift grew between the two as Lucas quit working for Technoverse Labs altogether, refusing to create anymore Units for the Peacekeepers.
Claus stayed in Technoverse Labs for a while creating more Units and weapons, but suddenly disappeared one day as he never returned from his quick vacation.
Maridia stepped down from her top position at Technoverse Labs and follow Lucas to work under his new lab, Stratos Labs. Maridia was growing very concerned about Lucas’ ever growing depression, as he didn’t seem like he wasn’t going to get out of his slump.
She investigated the reports of the deaths she found that the construction site was attacked by a group called the “Digital Dreadnoughts”.
At first the Peacekeepers didn’t pay much attention to the group, as they were just brushed off as a bunch of extremists that occasionally made protests.
However, when they started to actively attack out against their “enemies” the Peacekeepers realized that they were a bit more devious than they once thought.
Maridia knew that the Peacekeepers were having issues with active Units willing to fight against the Digital Dreadnoughts and finding out just where they were hiding.
Going down into Lucas’ private basement lab, Maridia asked Lucas to augment her into a battle aniloid in order to become a Peacekeeper.
At first Lucas refused to do so. Maridia convinced him to otherwise, as she was thinking about this for a long time now.
She had even created her own personal core dubbed “Flambe” to be placed inside her to updated body.
Begrudgingly Lucas agreed to help Maridia out started to prepare her body for Peacekeeper upgrades.
After a long month’s worth of work and consistent retweaking, Maridia’s body was updated for combat.

Welcome to Sector V:

In 3770 A.D. Maridia enter the Peacekeeper’s training grounds where she applied to become an active member.
Through her training Maridia discovered one of the few active 16th generation Units, she was #1288 Esther Ursa commander of Sector V.
Esther took a liking to Maridia and personality trained her in combat.
With high recommendations through Esther and her other squadmates, Maridia was made new Captain of Sector V.
In 3776 A.D. A new member was added to Sector V, a little fox girl named Stella, who was said as “The latest breakthrough in aniloid kind”.
Slightly skeptical about Stella, Maridia threw a numerous amount of rigorous tests at Stella to test her abilities.
Stella passed all of her test with no issues whatsoever.
Maridia eventually asked who her “father” was and she answered Lucas Stratos.
At that moment Maridia realized that Stella must of been the project he was secretly working on in solitude.
Maridia could see Emily’s face in Stella, she was definitely based off of the good doctor’s late daughter.
Owing Lucas for giving her the chance to become a Peacekeeper, Maridia took Stella under her tutelage.
In present day Maridia is still current active captain of Sector V still training Stella and other new recruits that come through the Peacekeeper Training Grounds.
She takes up her current residents on the grounds of Stratos Labs, to keep a close eye on Lucas and Stella in case of attacks from the Digital Dreadnoughts.


As a normal civilian Unit, Maridia Fairbottom was quite intelligent with her studies in thermal and geothermal technology. While still working for Technoverse Labs, she often wore thick framed glasses while doing her research.
She was often playfully teased about her “Nerd” glasses.
Her smarts proved valuable to her when she became a Peacekeeper.
She along with Esther often are the ones who come up with battle plans for their team in Sector V.
On her breaks or days off Maridia can often be found tinkering around with newer cores to be used by other future Units, and even her own core Flambe, to check it’s status and make tweaks if needed.
When in battle Maridia fights with quite a bit of care, for she tries her best to not unleash her flames in battle unless it necessary to the mission.
She knows that her flames can get unbearably hot and could cause a significant amount of damage if not carefully controlled and contained.



Maridia can create, shape and manipulate fire; releasing heat, light, and various reactions.
Depending on the substance alight, and other impurities outside, the color of the flame and the fire’s intensity will be different. The hole underneath Maridia’s hoof armor can be used to propel herself in the forward at great speeds.
She can even lift herself into the air and fly with her flames.
This allows Maridia to fight at any kind of range and doesn’t limit her to ground combat.

Handy Engineer:

Thanks to Maridia’s Pyrokinesis and to the degree she can control her flames, she can use her smaller more concentrated flame to wield smaller mechanics and fix them.
This is allows her to make on the spot fixs to any mechs that are deployed in the field if they suffer too much damage.   

Heated varial armor:

Maridia’s armor is specially crafted to fit her and harness her flames.
Her armor is highly heat resistant and heat absorbent.
The resistance of her armor allows her to use her flame power without the fear of her armor melting off and accidentally burning her other teammates.
The absorbent part of her armor allows Maridia to be hit with other flames and take their power for herself.



Despite Maridia’s control over her flames, she has a possible threat of overheating herself is she uses too much of her flames for an extremely long extended period of time.
She has made tweaks to her body in order to includ cooling fluid to pump through her body constantly in order to keep that possibility low.
However in some cases this may not be enough.
Recently, Maridia had installed her horns with detachable points, this allows her to quite literally “Blow off some steam” when it’s needed.

Water and Extreme Cold:

Being a Fire based Unit, Maridia has an innate weakness to water and the extreme cold.
In order to combat this weakness, Maridia can raise her body temperature in order to melt off any ice and make water boil away.
However this can tie into her other weakness of overheating if she has to stay boiling hot for too long.

(All character and story ideas belong to me.)
Unit# 1337 Stella by ShyDeathKitty
Unit# 1337 Stella
As I stated with my previous journal, I went back through my older drawings and found something called "Unit".
Loving a lot of these older designs and stories, it inspired me to try to make something out of it, and expand on the universe just a little bit.
So let's start with the "main protagonist" of the story, this is Unit# 1337 Stella.
From the older pictures I've found of Unit# 1337 it started out as a male rabbit named Dash.
Dash had went through at least 5 different redesigns that I had came up with, the five design looking something out of Tron.
After thinking about what kind of animal to make Stella, I settled on a fox, the opposite of the rabbit in a way.
First off, I want to say that I had alot of fun while drawing and coloring this picture.
I purposely tried to go off of the style that I made with the Units, so if the anatomy looks off, I don't want to hear it.
Second, I quite love the way the colors turned out for Stella, she has a mainly monochrome looking color with only hints of blue in her technological parts of her body.
I also made her a bit younger then my normal girls and alot let curvy, as I was going for a more cute approach for Stella.
Also, for you Megaman, yes there are a few parallels between Unit and Megaman; it was the thing the inspired me to create Unit in the first place.
I quite love the way Stella turned out, and I'll see who else can revamp from Unit, I hope you'll all look forward to this as much I am.

Stella's Information.

Unit# 1337: Stella.

Full Name: Stella Stratos.

Year of Creation: 3773 A.D.

Years since activation (age): 3 years old.

Series Model: Hybrid aniloid, 17th generation Peacekeeper.

Physical body age: Somewhere between a 12 and 13 year old girl.

Mental A.I. age: A 21 year old woman with an above average intelligence.

Sex: Female.

Animal species: Fox (Vixen).

Height: 5’ Ft (152.4 cm).

Weight: 101 lbs (45.8 kg).

Energy: Solar Powered and self generating Electric Core.

Core Name: “Willpower”.

Material: Hyper flexible custom made Maxillium alloy.


Her father; Doctor Lucas Stratos.

Sweets, especially chocolate.

Taking long naps.

Honing her combat abilities.

Helping those in need.

Giving her father a hand in the lab.

Fighting against injustice.

Going out on missions.

Her home city, Starbright City.


Getting up in the early morning.

Sour food.

Criminal syndicates.

People calling her short.

Being called a kid.

Oppression and Injustice.

Being stuck in the country.

Having to wait for too long.

Scorching hot summer days.

Freezing cold winter months.


In the beginning:

Unit# 1337, or “Stella” came into existence thanks to the brilliant scientist Lucas Stratos. Before construction on Stella even began, we must go back a few years into the past.
In the far future of year 3752 A.D. Lucas Stratos and his older twin brother Claus Stratos worked in Technoverse Labs, they were known for their groundbreaking advancements in bio-android technology.
One day the brothers were commissioned by the military to work on a new series of Peacekeeper aniloid Units.
The 17th gen began with the construction of Unit# 1299 Rev, who was designed to be the Prototype for the rest of that generation.
The military provided Rev an extremely powerful Core called which they dubbed “Willpower”.
Rev’s body was built with Maxillium alloy, a rare, highly flexible, and nearly indestructible metal that the military provided for building all of the 17th gen of Peacekeepers.
Problems occurred with Rev’s internal body, as it couldn’t completely support the amount of demanding power the core required in order to function properly.
Fearing they’d lose the funding, Claus fitted Rev with a secondary core that’d help control the amount power that Rev could use at a single time.
Lucas was fearful for Cluas’ decision for outfitting Rev with more power, as may cause both cores to become unstable or possibly meltdown.
Claus ignored his brother’s advice and was able to get his pride and joy up and running as Rev proceed to pass all of the Peacekeeper’s combat test.
With Rev as a success, the two brothers and the rest of Technoverse Labs started to work on Unit# 1300-1330 for the next 15 years.

The ticking Timebomb:

As time passed, Rev was proclaimed as a hero to Starbright City and one of the best Units created at the time.
But as time passed, so did the amount of damage Rev’s internal parts took from the core of Willpower.
Claus tried his best to ease the pain in Rev’s chest, but it grew harder and harder for him to repair and replace his parts.
Lucas told Claus the only true way to fix Rev was to remove the core of Willpower entirely and replace his whole endoskeleton.
Claus refused as replacing and removing the core could damage Rev further and possibly erase his memory.
Rev grew very distance towards Lucas, as he thought he was try to replace him every time the good doctor saw him.
The only person Rev could bond with other than Claus was Lucas’ daughter, Emily.
He saw her as his little sister and kept a close on her.
On a mission, Rev was acting as security on the construction of a new residential expansion to Starbright City.
Emily was present in the city as the new Technoverse Labs was already built as she was living there with Rev at the time. Later in the day, the construction site was attacked by a terrorist group called “The Digital Dreadnoughts”.
Rev was fighting against some highly power mechs and fended them off very well, until he received a fatal injury to his chest. Rev’s secondary core was completely destroyed and began to melt down as the Core of Willpower overloaded while trying to keep Rev alive.
With a violent burst, Rev’s body was ripped apart by the explosion, along with everyone in the cityscape.
The workers, the terrorists, all of the buildings that were and weren’t yet finished, and even poor little Emily herself.
Nothing was left but a huge crater and a few twisted pieces of metal that were once buildings.
The clean up crew informed Lucas about the fate of his daughter as well as what happened to everyone else.
Lucas lashed out against Claus, blaming him for Emily’s death and that none of this would've happened if it weren’t for Rev. Claus only saw this as a mistake, and said that Rev could've been built better.
That would be the last time both brothers would see and speak to each other, as Lucas quit working for Technoverse Labs and opened his own lab, Stratos Labs in Upper Starbright City.
He didn’t want to make weapons for the military anymore as he took the Core of Willpower for himself so no one could use it ever again.

The birth of a shining Star:

4 Years have past since that day, Lucas stays locked up in his lab from the day he clocks in, to the day he goes to sleep.
Many of his employees worried about his mental health as he would sing a lullabye to a plan of blueprints he’d carry around. He would also keep a small black fox plushie that Emily use to carry around in his office, he threatened to fire anyone who’d dare to touch it.
Finally one day out of the blue, Lucas called everyone down to his basement to reveal his new creation, a brand new civilian class Unit made completely by Dr. Stratos himself; he called her “Stella”.
His crew was dumbfounded that he was able to finish Stella under the span of 9 months completely custom built by himself, while using completely brand new tech too.
She was the most absolute life like Unit they’d even seen, many years above even the most recent civilian Units; and it was painfully obvious that she was based off of his beloved daughter.
Stella was designed with an high intellic to help around the lab and overall just be fun and cute to be around.
For the next few months, Stella helped drastically to boost Dr. Stratos’ morale as he became much more social again like he use to be.
While walking home from the store one day, Stella witnessed a public attack from members of the Digital Dreadnoughts in the middle of Starbright Square.
The near by Peacekeepers were able to fight of the trouble makers, but not without a few injuries and collateral damage. Returning home, Stella was angry at what she saw, how much fear those monsters instilled into the good people of the city. Stella asked her father that she wanted to become a Peacekeeper. Lucas forbid her from doing so, but Stella was smart.
She knew that she was the first of her kind, a hybrid between a civilian Unit and a battling Peacekeeper Unit.
She knew that the core inside her was the Core of Willpower, the very same one the “Broken Son” once used.
She knew her father learned from his brother’s mistake; making Stella’s entire body strong enough to handle the Core of Willpower and anything else that could be thrown at her.
Lucas let out a heavy sigh and hugged his daughter tightly asking her if this is what she really wanted to do.
Stella responded with “I want to help them, not just for this city, but for the rest of the world that they torment”.
Dr. Stratos Began working on Stella’s combat gear at once.
In present day Stella is now a part time member of the Peacekeeper corps, and has adopted the title of Unit# 1337.
She promises to protect her beloved city against the Digital Dreadnoughts, and follow them wherever they my go, to put a stop to their evil ways, once and for all.


Stella personality seems to stem from her creator, Dr. Lucas Stratos, whose intentions were to design Stella off of his daughter Emily, making her his new “daughter”.
Stella demonstrates an extremely wide range of various emotions, many similar to that of a prepubescent girl, thus making her the absolute most “lifelike” of all of the current Units.
Stella is primarily courageous and just, choosing to become a Peacekeeper and face the threat the Digital Dreadnought’s posed all because she wanted to do the right thing.
This said, she is a pacifist, as she always tries to find an alternative to violence.
But this doesn’t mean she won’t take action when it’s called for.
Much like Emily, Stella is kind, generous, and very polite.
Stella mainly likes to act “as a kid” around he father and his employees However, like her psychical body age Stella is a more or less a teenage girl, and she does have her teenage girl moments.
In battle, Stella shows her hidden moxie and spunk.
This attitude in battle could tend for Stella to get cocky when she knows she has the upper hand in battle.
Which can end up for her making a few minor mistakes if she let’s this go to her head.
For Stella’s mental A.I. age, that’s where this can surprise people.
Stella likes to play on her “childlike innocence” to fool her opponents into a false sense of security and have them lower their guard.
Then she catches them off guard with her intelligence and vast knowledge most current Peacekeeper technology and weaponry.
She mainly wins most of her battles by outsmarting her opponents and them underestimating her.
This way of fighting has landed her the name of the “Tiny Trickster” living up to her animal sake of Foxes being tricky.


Super strength and speed:

As an aniloid, and a Peacekeeper designed Unit at that, Stella processes greater physical strength than the average human. Stella can uphold ridiculous amount of weight roughly 1,000 megatons.
She also has amazing speed thanks to her smaller frame, being able to zip around and can appear as only a blur to the naked eye. If needed, Stella can perform Sonic Booms to race to any kind of trouble she gets called to take care of.


Stella has the ability to manipulate technology by either hacking it or causing it to malfunction.
However this ability has it’s restrictions for Stella, as she can only hack into simpler technology.
Anything with an A.I. and Stella’s Technomancy has little to no effect on it.


Stella can create, shape and manipulate electricity. This gives her control over electric fields, electric charges, electric currents, elections, and electromagnetism.
Thanks to Stella’s specially made fur everytime she moves she creates static electricity that helps maintain her powers.
It’s near impossible for Stella to not be able to use her Electrokinesis powers.

Polymorphic Armor:

Worried about Stella body and well being, Dr. Lucas Stratos created a special flexible and morphing armor to clad her in for protection.
Like it’s namesake Stella’s armor can morph itself into whatever shape she can think of, which means her “clothes” is just her armor taking that shape.
When not being used for fashion, the armor can turn into various other weapons, like arm cannons, shields, swords, and etcetera.
The Polymorphic Armor is only limited by Stella’s imagenation.
The bracelets and anklets on Stella are the conduits that holds all of the data on her Polymorph Armor.


While Stella doesn’t have many weaknesses that can really hinder her.
If there is one thing that can impede her is one; her height.
Some of the Peacekeeper mechs and other vehicles are made with more, taller users in mind.
Not that Stella needs to use these to fight, but if the situation occurs where she may need to use them, it can prove to be a problem for her.
Stella’s body also has a slight problem adjusting extreme and sudden temperature changes.
This is a slight flaw due to Stella’s hybrid civilian/battler Unit body as her more civilian body side takes a few moments to properly adjust; unlike most batter Units who aren’t affected by temperature change.
The Polymorphic Armor Stella wears makes up for that by covering up or stripping down to fit the temperature.

All characters and story ideas belong to me.

Journal History

Ink Heart here with an update.
So, I wasn't feeling much up to drawing lately, so I decided to go back though some of my older original works.
I'd let you see them, but they are from 2009-2010 and they look hideous so I'm not going to post them...
However, as I continued to look through, I found some stuff from an old series I made called "Unit".
Looking back at some of the pictures and notes I wrote about the series, I was somewhat impressed with myself with how I was about to draw that many pictures and write that many ideas at that time while in the middle of High School.
I have three that I made awhile ago that I posted in my scraps folder.
 Unit#1338 Dot by ShyDeathKitty Unit#1339 Beat by ShyDeathKitty Unit#1341 Aero by ShyDeathKitty
I've noticed that I tried so many different times in the past to make something original, but never was able to make anything out of it.
As it would seem as soon as I got the ball rolling, some fandom grabbed my attention and dragged me away from the ideas I had.
I think for the few of you who saw my "Battling Bunny Bots" idea, it didn't ever amount to anything...
But, I'm going to try and fix that.
I won't stop my fanart, I love Nintendo far too much to stop drawing thing related to them.
But I should try to spice things up with an original creation.
As so, I'm going to be trying to mix up the anatomy with these characters.
So don't bitch at me if the anatomy "looks off" they are androids based off animals...
They only ACT human, they don't have to look exactly like them.
Also one more thing of note that is slightly a fun important fact.
While I was making Unit, I was marathoning all of the "Classic" Megaman and Megaman X games at the time with the Anniversary Collection and X Collection on the Gamecube, so if you see some parallels between Unit and Megaman, don't be surprised; they are intentional.

So look forward to those pictures when I post them.
The first picture will be the main protagonist of the story.

Ink Heart Out.


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United States
I am Ink Heart, and there is only two rules you need to know when you visit my page.

Rule #1: I'll draw what I want, when I want.
Rule #2: If you don't like that, then fuck off or I'll ban you with my Ban Hammer...

Keep those two rules in mind and there shouldn't be any problems.

F.A.Q Box.

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As the Joker taught me, Never do anything you are good at for free...

Can I get Gift Art?
No you may not, Gift Art is for friends only; CLOSE FRIENDS.
This means If I don't talk to you on a frequent basis, leaving meaningful comments on my pictures, and when you do pop up it's only for the once every 6 months whenever I'm taking commissions... You aren't a friend of mine...

Do you do Commissions?
But, I only do them when I feel like it.
You'll have to keep an eye out in my journal for whenever I'm doing commissions or not.
Just don't get your hopes up, them commissions are pricy and I have a list of what I will and won't do.
So don't treat me like your personal art slave...


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