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This is my lovely gallery.
It full of things I like to draw.
Come take a peek if you are interested.
If you don't like it than fuck you, I do what I want.



Veronica Vespa VII Ref Sheet by ShyDeathKitty
Veronica Vespa VII Ref Sheet
Oh man, this picture totally didn't take an assnumbingly long time to do...
So seeing how out of all of the Unit characters Veronica Vespa VII is probably one of the more complexed ones out of all of them.
I thought it'd be a good idea to try to make a reference sheet out of Veronica.
This isn't the first time I've done a ref sheet as I did one for Ruby a while ago, but it wasn't as "complete" compared to this one.
With what little space I had I needed to at least make sure that I could fit in Veronica's front and back view of her body.
I mainly made this ref sheet for myself as I wanted to make sure I knew exactly what Veronica's body would look like; it'd also make it quite easier to put her in different clothes should I choose to.
Also I guess this would be a good source of a picture to prove some fanart I suppose, but I'm not going to hold my breath for the impossible and get my hopes up so I'll drop this topic before I end up getting disappointed.
So this was pretty fun to sketch up and line, but then I realized that I had to not only colored Veronica once, but twice.
Yes the coloring process wasn't as fun as I thought it'd be and it took a while to finish. 
One thing I didn't do for this picture was not put on the thicker outer lines for this picture.
Why? Well, I didn't think it'd be good for a ref sheet as I didn't want to obscure smaller details that the thicker lines can sometimes do.
But to be honest, after I finished it, I was glad I did it, at least I can say that the ref sheet turned out as nicely as it did.
Now that it's done no one can say that I can't draw full body characters and ref sheets anymore...

Here is what Veronica looks like wearing clothes:
Veronica Vespa VII by ShyDeathKitty

Previous Unit picture:
Rezzver The Ravager by ShyDeathKitty

Secret Sector Z audio log #080:

Is this damned thing working? Yes? Okay good.
It has come to my attention that Sector Z has started making audio logs that are to be saved to the Peacekeeper’s main archive of data.
Seeing how this was supposed to be done by Takeshi Nagasaki, who is bouncing back and forth from Terra to Mars developing the Vespan Metal to be even stronger for Veronica.
So with Takeshi being away I guess I’ll have to do this audio log report thingy myself since I've worked so closely with him during her development.
By the way my name is Neil Scott, perhaps I should of stated that earlier…
This’ll be a little “fun fact” audio log on Queen Veronica Vespa the 7th, for I’m one of the three scientist that monitor her status and provide add to her whenever she is tired from her assassination missions.
These facts might be a little on the “interesting side” so take caution when listening to this audio log.

  • Veronica Vespa the 7th’s “horniness” can be traced back to Takeshi’s rather playboy like attitude he had in college on Martian U. She was based off of a now famous model Cindy Maryweather. Takeshi had a crush on her, but she was FAR out of his league, the only reason people don’t make that comparison is because not many people know what Veronica looks like.

  • Speaking of Takeshi’s horniness, he was the first person that Veronica had sex with… No, I’m not joking. Takeshi couldn't keep his hands off of his own creation and decided to have a hot and sticky night with her… She wasn't even 24 hours old when he got with her. Too bad this would backfire on him shortly afterwards, which leads nicely into my next fact.

  • Takeshi Nagasaki was the first person to ever be poisoned by Veronica. Yes, how shocking that someone who decided to have sex with “The walking biohazard” would end up getting badly poisoned… All joking aside it was a rather scary thing to see your best friend in bed rapidly dying from poison with his own creation bawling her eyes out as she didn't know what to do to save him. Takeshi was put into immediate intensive care as we had to get his nervous system back into a functioning state and pump the poison out of his body. He flatlined several different times and was pronounced dead at one point; but somehow he was able to survive the poisoning. After that scare, Veronica practiced on learning how to control her poison levels for the next two weeks as Takeshi slowly recovered.

  • One “interesting” thing about Veronica is that she can produce honey, which is odd because Hornets don’t make honey but instead steal it from Honeybees. But even stranger is exactly where the honey Veronica makes comes from… Her honey comes out of her nipples and, ahem… vagina… Again, I don’t know why, maybe Takeshi has some weird fetishes that I don’t know about but she can just do that.

  • While on that topic of Veronica’s honey, it actually acts as an natural anti venom to all of Veronica’s deadly toxins. This may have been the thing that saved Takeshi’s life when he went to town of Veronica.

  • Another sex related thing about Veronica is out she likes to mess around with. For one, Veronica likes to fool around with her two captains, Willow Henryks the Black Widow and Midori Matsumoto the Flower Mantis. Ironically enough Willow and Midori were already in a relationship before they met up with Veronica, but after they spent one single night with the Queen in her chambers the three of them formed an actual functioning multipartnered relationship. She has messed with her targets but never lets them get too close to her, especially if they are male.

  • For a non-sexual related fact, Veronica has an insanely large amount of money locked up in her vault. How did see get all of this money? She hunts down dirty and corrupted gambling slots and casinos to try her luck. Thanks to her hypnosis powers to get the deals to tip the odds in her favors. However that’s not to say she can't actually gamble, she has been banned from many casinos because her winnings paid out more than the casinos could give her. 90% of her winnings go to developing countries and charity foundations.

  • Veronica’s wings are also another impressive aspect of her body, as they can beat up to 1,000 times per second. They have the power to make small but rather strong gust of wind.

  • Despite Veronica being a Queen it’s actually impossible for her to get pregnant or give birth. Most of Veronica’s DNA is just slightly altered from her mother and other pervious Vespa Queens; essentially making her a clone of her mother. However, there is enough of her own unique DNA to make her distinct and different from the other Vespa Queens, both psychically and mentally.

Those are some of the more interesting facts about Veronica I can think of at the moment. I’d say more but us in Sector Z like to keep secrets you see. This is Neil Scott, signing out.

End of audio log.

Rezzver The Ravager by ShyDeathKitty
Rezzver The Ravager
So I've talked about the main villain group of the Unit universe called the Digital Dreadnoughts, so I drew one of the commanders of the DD terrorist group; Rezzver the Ravager.
Now I have to say this picture of Rezzver is the second attempt of him, the first design made him look a bit too "obviously evil".
I turned the Digital Dreadnought's armor into knight like plating, for I think it's kinda cool to take medieval concepts and make them futuristic. 
I took the idea of the "Knight in shining armor" and perverted it to make it evil as Rezzver is the last shining knight you'd want to see.
That and I made him a lizard like character, as most knights are known for slaying dragons.
Hopefully he look menacing enough like a villain should, without being too obviously evil.

Previous Unit picture:
Sector Z The Report by ShyDeathKitty

Peacekeeper Archive Notes:

The following information on these audio logs is highly classified.
It is also important to note that this information was only able to be obtained by the highly skilled members of Sector Z.

Audio log: #23465

Rezzver the Ravager is high ranked Digital Dreadnought commander and is possibly one of the most dangerous men in recent history.
We first started tracking Rezzver in 3750 A.D. where is was at a Dreadnought base located in The Whitewave Desert.
The encampment gained our attention when local towns and cities were suddenly attacked by “white knights” with horribly twisted technology, follow closely by a small battalion of child soldiers.
The information from our desert squadron told us that the Dreadnoughts have also been known for kidnapping people and using them for their sick experiments.
Not allowing these to stand any further, we sent out at then new to her throne, Veronica Vespa the 7th and her most trained assassins of Sector Z to take out any members belonging to the Digital Dreadnoughts and liberate the children and prisoners.
With Sector Z’s swift work and stealthy kills, the Dreadnoughts didn’t know what had hit them and fled their base.
Sadly they weren't able to capture Rezzer, but with the lose of a strong base and research facility this was a major dent to their plans.
The Peacekeepers set up a base in the Whitewave Desert to take care of the prisoners and child soldiers by nursing them back to health while Sector Z return to HQ for their report.
The Digital Dreadnought went into hiding for a little while that is until Sector V discovered one of their new bases several years later by complete accident. Rezzver was once again found and attacked Sector V with what men he had, this would prove to be a difficult battle for jungle warfare was something Sector V wasn’t trained to do.
Unit# 1299 Rev was able to cash down Rezzver into a corner of his base and fought against him one on one.
Rev was victorious and brought back Rezzver’s mask as proof of his destruction. With another demoralizing defeat the Digital Dreadnought went under the radar once again. By 3770 A.D. the Digital Dreadnoughts became active again, and in the most destructive again.
Their attacks where more thought out and more frequent than their usual fair. Rezzver had reappeared suddenly.
We thought this to be impossible, but it’s very likely that Rezzver was rebuilt and repurposed.
His armor seems to be updated and more polished than before, and his relentlessness was plain to see.
Even today we do not know what the Digital Dreadnoughts are planing with their sudden resurgence but we will be keeping our eyes on them very closely.
Sector Z has informed us that one of their experimental weapon code name P.A.N.D.O.R.A was recently stolen from one of their labs; whoever has it needs to be found quickly…
We don’t want what happened to Unit# 1340 to happen to them also…

End of audio log.  

Sector Z The Report by ShyDeathKitty
Sector Z The Report
So here is something a little bit different, I decided to try a monochrome shaded pencil picture.
One of my few still active watchers read my last journal entry and told me that perhaps a better way to flush out the story of Unit was to make some penciled drawing of certain parts in the story to give a little bit of infomation without always having to write an entire backstory about just one character.
Now at first I wrote this off if only because I rather like to see color on my artwork and if it isn't colored then I consider that piece incomplete.
However, as the price for my materials go up every few months and I can only get a little bit every few months, perhaps taking a break from using most of my tools and try something different would be a good thing.
So I tested this new type of artworks out on my last made Unit character, Veronica Vespa VII head of Sector Z.
As I setted with Veronica her base in Sector Z is surrounded in much mystery, only known to hold cunning spies and deadly assassins.
Seeing how much fun I could have with this, I went for the idea.
Now I haven't done a pencil drawing in a very long time, last time I can remember doing one was in 2012.
So if it doesn't look as amazing as my colored works I'm sorry, I worked with what I had and I'm a tad rusty at it.
All things aside I'm pretty pleased with this little mini comic panel as I got to show at least one of Veronica's drones, and her two captains.
Not to mention I got to show a tad of Veronica's naughty nature.

If you don't know who my character Veronica Vespa VII is then I highly suggest that you look at up her first picture and read her bio, or else these fact about herself and Sector Z may not make any sense to you.

Previous Unit picture:
Veronica Vespa VII by ShyDeathKitty

Secret Sector Z audio log # 077:

Oh boy…
I never thought I’d have to make this kind of damned report…
Paperwork is so much of a hassle, I’d rather push pens into other’s necks then put them to paper…
But since the public thinks that we are some “crazy cult out for world domination” my higher ups have forced- I mean, “kindly” asked me to shed a little bit of light on the enigmatic Sector Z.
Listen to this recording at your own risk, for I can’t be held responsible for what mental scarring you may suffer from.

Greeting haman and aniloid kind alike, my name is Veronica Vespa VII, and I am the head of Sector Z, a highly skilled group trained in espionage combat that gave birth to many ruthless assassins of the ages.
Our allegiance lays with the Peacekeepers, the largest privately owned military group on planet Terra; their home base and headquarters are located within Starbright City.
Sector Z is full of 500 active members trained and skilled in many different forms of assassination, from deadly force used for keeping unneeded bloodshed from occurring, to shady eliminations of armies in a single night that could be looked upon as an “accident” we have many different ways to carry out our tasks.
As any commander ruling over a Sector within the Peacekeepers I have a captain; but unlike most Sectors that have one captain, I have two.
My first captain is Willow Henryks a Black Widow Spider that is known for using her deadly venom and webbing to get rid of her foes with relative ease.
My second captain is Midori Matsumoto a Flower Mantis although not possessing any poison that is quickly overlooked for her skills in small dragger and other sharp hidden objects more than make up for it.
Unlike most Sectors that are made up of a good mix of other aniloid Units, Sector Z is completely made up of all insects.
This choice is out of the great fear that everyone has over insects, we use this fear to not only make our enemies think of Sector Z as the “creepy crawly terrors” but also keep others away from getting too close for our own comfort.
For protection once we come into being we are not given “numbers” like most active Units have, in fact the only form of “identification” we have is within the Peacekeepers themself; outside of them and we don’t exist at all.
Our “base” is know as “The Nest” that is located several hundreds of miles beneath Starbright City.
The Nest is linked together by many complex and secret underground tunnels that run along all of the Central Continent; these tunnels also connect to other Peacekeeper bases around.
The Nest is guarded by not only the many assassins, but also my Hornet guards. Seeing how I have no reason to give birth my drones are not purposed for making me pregnant, instead they have been repurposed as my highly aggressive S.W.A.T guades that defend the Nest with their lives.
There are over 75,000 active drones in our nest, 90% being leftovers from my mother’s reign in Sector Z.
Our missions have brought us to journey all over the world to bring down whatever evil or corrupt forces that lay in our wake.
Sometimes we do not kill our enemy out right, for instead, we select a helpless sap and brainwash them into being our little sleeping mole agent; when the time is right for them to “wake up” they usually destroy their entire ally forces from the inside out without us lifting a single finger.
I know many of you see us as monstrous insects, most noteable we are called “The Peacekeeper’s dirtiest little secret” and that’s perfectly fine; we aren’t here to make friends.
There are things that go bump in the night, the worst of them are the ones you can't hear bumping.
It is our job to eliminate those said threats to Starbright City, the Peacekeepers, and whoever else on Terra that may ask for our help.
In Sector Z we live by a phrase, and that phrase is “The lives of the wicked should be made brief, and their deaths will be their only sweet relief”.
To those criminal scumbags and cowardice terrorists that get off on the misery of others we want to let you know that we are out there, stalking you around every corner; and by the time you see us…
Hehehe, well, it’d already be too late my sweet little shits.
So enjoy those last few breaths of life you have left, because your days are numbered...

Total number of recorded successful assassinations: 573,286.

Number of potential disasters stopped: 101.

Active number of Sector Z brainwash moles in enemy ranks: 220.

Number of “unrecorded” kills (As told by Veronica Vespa VII): 63,795.

Number of Sector Z’s spy cameras active in Starbright City: 1 camera per every 10 people living in the city.

End of audio log.

Veronica Vespa VII by ShyDeathKitty
Veronica Vespa VII
After the bloodied mess that Jager Xylander left behind, I think it was time for a tad pallet cleanser.
At least I say this loosely because I'm pretty sure that insects are usually the last thing furries turn into anthros.
So yeah like I said before with Unit I wanted to make some of the characters to be based off of some lesser seen anthros.
With that in mind I picked my least favorite bug just behind spiders; bees but mainly in my case wasps like Yellowjackets. 
But I could stop at just wasps oh no, I have to up the scary with this character and turn her into the biggest and most poisonous vespa of all, an Asian Giant Hornet; thus Veronica Vespa VII was born.
Her creation can about when I was going through some of my older works when I first started on DA when I use to just give out random requests.
I stumbled across :iconionic44: 's wasp and scorpion characters I drew for him Vektra Hektorian and Mitzy Kandari.
I remember talking about how unique and refreshing I found those two of his characters amongst the sea of mammals in the furry community.
Looking at those three older pictures made me want to try and create a bug themed character for Unit, as you can't get much more original for an anthro character then turning them into a bug.
The most difficult part of designing Veronica was getting that right balance between actual bug parts and human anatomy.
If I added too much buggy bits, she'd look uncanny and terrifying, not enough and she look too boring and human like.
Using Vektra as a base of the "middle" of the two extremes, I was able to get a good idea on how I wanted to design Veronica.
And I have to say, Veronica turned out pretty well if I must say so myself, no, she turned out excellently.
Seriously out of Series 2 of Unit I think she is my favorite and she is only the second one I created.
Her colors stand out very nicely on her, not to mention I think I caught that "regal" look of Veronica's Queen like status.
Perhaps I may have to make a ref sheet of Veronica so I can know what her body markings are like.

Previous Unit picture:
Jager Xylander by ShyDeathKitty

Head of Sector Z: Veronica Vespa VII.

Full Name: Veronica Vespa VII.

Year of Creation: 3750 A.D.

Year since activation (age): 26 years old.

Series Model: Specially made Sector Z espionage and combat Peacekeeper Unit.

Physical body age: 26 years old.

Mental A.I. age: A 30 year old seductive woman in her “prime”.

Sex: Female.

Animal specie: Asian Giant Hornet.

Height: 7’ft 7’’in. (235 cm)

Weight: 277 lbs.  (126 kg)

Energy: Solar powered core/ Self generating toxic chemical core.

Core Name: Aedes. (Latin for Toxicity)

Material: A blending of Maxillium alloy and Martian iron/nickel alloy mixed planet core metal.
Her “exoskeleton” is very flexible.




Being flirtatious.

Sweet tasting food.

Making dirty jokes.

Silk clothing.

Taking long hot baths or showers.

Going on picnics.

Getting full body massages.

Her teammates and subordinates in Sector Z.

Testing out her deadly poisons on criminals/terrorists.

Sunbathing on the beach.


The most boring part of being a spy, paperwork.

People with no sense of humor.

Getting her antennae touched or pulled.

Colder weather and snow.

The rain.

Accidentally poisoning people.

Getting stuck in doorways thanks to her large abdomant.

Sour tasting food.

Smoke being blown in her face.

Running out of Honey.


Making Queens:

Veronica Vespa VII is the 7th generation Queen Asian Giant Hornet in her family.
The first of Veronica’s family was an 11th generation Peacekeeper Unit that was constructed on planet Mars.
The Vespa family were the first Units to not be build on planet Terra, and also the first Units to based off of insects and not mammals, reptiles, or avians.
Queen Veronica Vespa the 1st was the founder of Sector Z in the Peacekeeper Army created in 3310 A.D. and started recruiting members.
Sector Z’s purpose is to serve as a highly specialized group trained in espionage based combat.
The spies of Sector Z are trained to go deep undercover and work or join dangerous criminal groups, find and gain info on the group, and terminate the problem themselves.
If the group is too big for them to handle on there own, then they must call for a full out raiders strike to Peacekeeper HQ.
For the Vespa family, when the current Queen has severed the required number of years of military serve, or is damaged beyond repair, the old Vespa Queen gives birth to a new Vespa Queen.
That new Vespa Queen larva is then put into a tank called the Queen’s Cell that is filled with Royal Jelly for the larvae grow and mature.
While the new Queen is growing, the Peacekeeper head Unit builders add the cybernetic enhancements and other organic built in weaponry.
This lengthy process can take up to nearly a full year to finish, for the Vespa Queen as “birthed” by Units and actually “grows” in a natural kind of state.
With the proper love and care the new Vespa Queen is born with her own unique personality and brand new tech that was built upon the old Queen’s weapons but made better.

Rise of the 7th:

After hundreds of year of the Vespa Queen’s rises and falls Veronica Vespa VII was born in 3750 A.D. as she was the very last Unit that Flint Stratos helped in her construction before his retirement.
Veronica’s true designer was a man named Takeshi Nagasaki, a Japanese Martian who moved to planet Terra to join the Peacekeepers in Unit design.
His late father was responsible for the 6th Vespa Queen birthing and wanting to fulfill his father’s final request was to bring the 7th Queen to life something he had got too old to do.
Takeshi had brought over special mixed iron/nickel alloy mined straight from Mars’ core, this metal was a very durable yet flexible at the same time.
However, Takeshi knew the armor wasn’t as “invincible” as his ancestors thought it was as Vespa Queens 3, 4, and 5 were all destroyed because the cracks in the weaked exoskeleton armor.
Flint understood clearly and promised that he’d find a way to make the exoskeleton armor stronger.
All it took was some carefully smelting the martian core alloy and Maxillium alloy the R and D Unit team was able to create a special new metal made just for Veronica, it was dubbed “Vespan Metal” which was the hardest Unit metal made at that point in time.
The armor was twice as thick from before and even more flexible, Takeshi couldn’t of been happier with the results.
The final and most dangerous part for finishing Veronica was her core placement.
Unlike most Unit cores that are placed in the chest, Veronica’s was placed in her large insect abdomen.
Other than the odd placement, Veronica’s core name Aedes is the most toxic core ever made in the Peacekeeper’s history. Aedes is a literal “biohazard in a ball” filled with a varied numerous amount of deadly chemicals and poisons that can be mixed in any combination.
All personnel were required to wear heavy duty hazmat suits in order to even get close to the core.
With the core in place and Veronica fully grown she was ready for action.

That girl is Poison:

In 3750 A.D. Veronica’s production was finished and she became the new head of Sector Z surpassing her late mother the 6th Vespa Queen.
Veronica’s first mission was to go visit the Whitewave Desert and take care of some local terrorists causing issues for the townsfolk.
Within the following week, Veronica leaked tons of information on the terrorists, from kidnapping people to test out their horrible experiments, to rising child soldiers to become the perfect kill machines; all was laid out and Veronica took no prisoners.
With the following info Veronica gave this independent group called “The Primes” would later be known as the Digital Dreadnoughts.
Veronica’s results stunned Peacekeeper HQ as she more or less eliminated a potential threat in less than one week.
Through the following next 20 years, Veronica was sent out mission after mission, eliminating treat after treat before they could even get started; killing off an entire army without having to resort to direct violence.
Currently, Veronica has had Sector Z become slightly less secretive as herself and a few of her right hand women have been traveling around Starbright City and helping out her old friend Esther Ursa in Sector V by training some of the newer recruits. On her latest assessment in Gamma-Gradient City involves clearing out some Dreadnought Tech and keeping her eye on an old follow Unit.


Veronica is incredibly flirtatious and promiscuous with the way she portrays herself.
Often loving to tease whoever she takes a liking to.
Her idea of a “good time” is spending time with a potential mate to wrap her legs around.
This also leads into how she acts on missions.
When gathering intel, Veronica uses her feminine charms and curvy figure to catch the more common criminals off guard and into spilling the beans.
Veronica is also quite on the vain side, as her clothing is rather expensive being made of pure silk.
Not to mention how clean she likes to uphold herself with her long baths and showers.
As for when Veronica is fighting, her more cruel and sadistic side tends to show itself.
When using her deadly poison for fighting sometime she’ll just watch them slow die a slow and agonizing death from the poison and continue on to her next task.
She’ll often mock her foes into aggravation, then humiliate them fully with her slick assassin moves and CQC skills.
Veronica is known for not taking many prisoners when she is on missions as she has the highest amount of recorded kills (and possibly unrecorded kills) with in all of the Units that are active in Starbright City.


Poison Generation and Manipulation:

Being a Hornet, Veronica can create, emit, or otherwise produce poison to influence the victim.
Veronica can also shape and manipulate her poison by being able to control wherever she wants it to go.
Or instead, she can control any existing poison out on the field if she is feeling too lazy to make some on her own.
She also can make her poison behave in different ways.
From Miasmic nerve gas, forming puddles of glabby goo, spitting venom, and even armor chorsive acid; you name it, she can do it.
Depending on the lethality of her poison Veronica can either paralyze her foe into submission with stiffened muscles and nerves, or flat out kill them with a sting strong to kill anyone 10,000 times over.

Complete immunity to all poison:

Veronica is not only immune to her own poison, but any poisonous substance in general.

Poison Absorption:

Since Veronica can’t be poison thanks to her immunity to it, she can absorb any poison in her general vicinity.
This allows her to traverse in certain areas that others cannot ever attempt to get near without some kind of protective gear.

Her entire body is Poisonous, inside and out:

Along with controlling the amount of poison Veronica can pump out of her body, sometimes she doesn’t have to set out her poison thanks to her poisonous body.
Yes, Veronica’s entire body is coated with a thin fine gloss of toxics that isn’t visible to the naked eye.
This works to her advantage when getting into hand to hand combat as if Veronica’s foe even makes the smallest amount of contact, they are now poisoned.
Even if Veronica’s tough metal exoskeleton is somehow damaged enough to make her bleed, her foe best not let her bleed on them as Veronica’s blood is poisonous.
This also plays into effect with Veronica’s lusty behavior, as any man or woman she allows to get passionate with her will end up getting badly poisoned.
They usually don’t last longer than 3 minutes.

Telepathic Powers and Hypnosis:

Veronica has the power to read/sense another person’s thoughts and/or communicate with them mentally. She can do this with her antennae to probe for more secret info from her targets and relay them right back to Sector Z and Peacekeeper HQ. If Veronica doesn’t want to probe through the random awful thoughts of the scum she is tasked to deal with, she can also use her hypnosis powers to force them to tell her what she wants to know.

Vocal Mimicry:

Adding to her spy-like lifestyle, Veronica can throw her voice and mimic anyone she had previously hear.
This is most useful for breaking into locked off areas that need vocal recognition.

Lust and Attack Pheromones:

As a Queen Hornet, Veronica can release pheromones.
However she doesn’t release them to make drones do her bidding, she using them to mess with her enemies.
The lust pheromone is used to make dopey love and sex crazed addicts to fall for Veronica as she passes by.
When they are under the effects of the Veronica’s lusty smells, she can lurk her target to a safe and secluded area to either kill them or dig for information.
The attack pheromone is used on a single target, with the smell on the marked target it can either do one of two things.
One, it can make the marked target go into a frenzied state where they will wildly attack their allies.
Or two, the marked target’s allies with go into a frenzy and attack them instead.
Either what happens, someone is going to get hurt and/or killed.

Bodily stinger creation:

Veronica may have a stinger on her abdomen, but she rare ever uses it.
So instead, she can from needle like stingers from any part of her body.
If range is an issue, then she can just make them longer, or turn them into chained whips or spears.
Her stingers are some of the sharpest weapons in all of Sector Z as Veronica can penetrate Peacekeeper Unit issued Maxillium armor.


Fire and extreme heat:

Despite Veronica’s strong armored exoskeleton because of her body being a living breathing biohazard, many of the chemical compounds in Veronica’s body are quite flammable.
So because of this, Veronica likes to stay far away from anything that can burn.

Cold and temperatures below zero:

Although not as destructive as her weakness to fire, Veronica doesn’t care much for the cold.
Seeing how she isn’t a mammal, the cold will cause her to slow down and become sluggish.
Jager Xylander by ShyDeathKitty
Jager Xylander
Well, I said I was going to start drawing some of the villains and anti-heroes from Unit and I like to think this picture will show you that these guys don't play.
This Jager Xylander, an deer assassin with a ominous case called "Pandora's Box" on his back.
Oh, and I forgot to mention the head of his slaughtered prey that he is carrying around; do not cry for that worthless criminal scumbag, I'm sure he got what he deserved; the end of his wretched life.
But enough about my hate-boner for criminals, let's talk about Jager.
So one thing I have to point out is that Jager is a deer, and most deer or other cervedac related animals, they are mostly drawn cute and sweet.
However, I used a twisted sense of irony with Jager.
As we all know, Deer are probably the most hunted game animal all over the world, as you can pretty much find them anywhere.
So I said to myself "How funny would it be for a Deer to be a deadly assassin?"
I mean for godsake, his name means hunter in German.
I'm quite pleased with Jager's design, he looks like he has killed hundreds if not thousands of people in his years of life and shows no signs of slowing down.
Also one more final thing, I gave Jager "anatomically correct" deer legs, sadly you can truly see them because his over coat is in the way, but they are there just in case asked "why are his leg bent back?".

Peacekeeper Archive Notes:

Classified data accessed. Searching for audio files on “Jager Xylander”. Files found.  

Audio log # 23455:

Jager Xylander is a highly trained and deadly wandering assassin who can mainly be found coming back to Gamma-Gradient City frequitnely.
Most of Jager’s “hits” are made on many of Gamma-Gradient City’s most dangerous criminal with his payment ranging from 1 million to 500 million credits depending on which criminal’s head is on the line.
Jager is cold and merciless when it comes to fighting his foes, often breaking limbs and shooting at point blank range to make sure his prey is slaughtered.
He often keeps pieces of his prey as trophies to remind himself of who he kills, most often times his keeps their heads.
Yet despite his collection of heads and violent urges, Jager refuses jobs that end up risking innocent peoples lives on the line, very unusual for an assassin to give up a job to avoid spilling more blood.
Jager has had previous military training and is shockingly accurate with whatever weapon he can get his hands on, both firearm or melee.
If there was one weapon he is unmatched in is his sniper capabilities, accomplishing feats that shouldn’t be possible with a sniper rifle.
This combined with his cloaking abilities and Jager is considered the “Wind of Death” as wherever his blows through he leaves a mountain of corpses in his wake.
Normally we the Peacekeepers do not keep our eyes on assassins, that is left up to the police and other government officials.
However, the info that Sector Z has gathered on that object upons Jager’s back made us think otherwise.
That “case” on Jager’s back is known as “Pandora’s Box” an experimental weapon created by the Digital Dreadnoughts that is capable of morphing into whatever weapon it has come in contact with or had scanned.
One of Sector Z’s members dubbed Pandora as and I quote “A living Swiss army knife”, she couldn't of hit the nail harder on the head if she tried.
Pandora also has a parasitic A.I. build into it that forms a symbiotic relationship with it’s user.
Pandora not only allows it’s user to call upon whatever weapon they want, but also boosts it’s user physical and mental capabilities tenfold.
Like most other cybernetic enhancements made by the Digital Dreadnoughts Pandora grants its user “Madman’s Eyes”.
The eyes show the amount of blood and energy inside of what the user looks at, this shows Pandora’s food source and it’s biggest drawback.
Pandora’s user must “feed” either on blood or energy in order to keep it satisfied.
If Pandora doesn't feed once every week, it makes it’s user go into a blood crazed, homicidal frenzy, ripping and tearing at whatever is in the way, and consuming twice as much than usual before it can calm down once again.
With a weapon that dangerous on Jager’s back, he could prove to be quite the problem in the future.
We also do not know if Jager is apart of the Digital Dreadnoughts and thats the reason he has Pandora, or just stole Pandora for himself right underneath the Digital Dreadnought’s noses.
We will continue to monitor Jager Xylander’s motions closely under the watchful eyes of Sector Z.
We just hope it won’t have to result in us needing to use extreme force to put him down. After all, we were quite fond of him under his more recognizable name of “Trickshot”.
How ironic that one of Earth’s most hunted game animals would end up being the most dangerous assassin on planet Terra.

End of audio log.


Journal History

Oh yeah journals... I forgot about those...

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 1, 2015, 8:41 PM

(This is not an April Fools journal about some stupid shit... So please don't skip it if you can help it...)

Hello all you happy people, it's been at least a month since I've bothered to write a journal, so I guess it's be a nice time to write one now.
What a fucking perfect time to write one on the day where no one will take what you say seriously.
That aside I just wanted to make a quick journal about stuff.
So as all four of you may know, I've recently started up a original series completely of my own creation called "Unit".
It was something that I started in 2009-2010 that got dropped like a rock after a while.
The main reason I wanted to start this back up was because I thought it was one of the few concepts from my older works that wasn't embarrassingly awful to post online.
I wanted to start this to get away from the fanart scene, for I feel like I wasted 4 years of my life just doing fanart because I didn't have any truly original ideas.
Or maybe it's because "everyone else was doing" and I just wanted to taste some kind of fame, even if it was only the smallest insignificant drop.
Not saying drawing fanart is a bad thing not at all, but one can only draw so much of it before it gets tiresome.
That and I don't want to end up as one of those guys that has to whore himself out with commissions with peoples characters fucking each other in the most horrible ways...
I know too many people, both friends and art idols that do that, and I don't want to become that.
However, I know that originally isn't as rewarded as just drawing fanart to please the masses.
So yeah, I'm kinda done with pin-up thing.
My anatomy is fine, so I don't think I need to draw more naked girls.
Unit is going to be my main focus of 2015, as for I'd like to see Unit become something in the possible near future.
Most of my dreams are dead and gone, but maybe I can do something with Unit, maybe stories, light novel, comic, or whatever.
I just want something that I made to matter not just to me but maybe to someone else a little bit for once in my fucking life...

Sorry for the disjointedness of this journal...
I've just had a lot on my mind...

I'm going to post what I call "Set 1" of Unit in this journal.
These characters are mainly the protagonists of the story (I.E. The good guys).
Set 2 will contain some of the villains and anti-hero characters of the story.
Also I'm only going to say this once, please read the descriptions of my pictures.
Not only does it take a long time to finish a picture, but it also takes a long time to write those descriptions, they aren't just there for shits and giggles...
So if you have been reading them then good, thank you very much.
If you haven't been skimming over them and ask me who this person is or what they do; I won't be able to contain myself from getting snippy with you...
I'm rather serious about this project and I'd appreciate it greatly if one of you would share this around DA, Tumblr, or wherever you can think.
I don't care if you show it to your brain-dead dog, I'd just like someone else other then me toy have read what I wrote down...

Here is everything from "Set 1" of Unit:

Unit# 1337 Stella by ShyDeathKitty
Unit# 1337: Stella Stratos.

Unit# 1336 Maridia by ShyDeathKitty
Unit# 1336: Maridia Fairbottom.

Unit# 1288 Esther Ursa by ShyDeathKitty
Unit# 1288: Esther Ursa.

The Stratos Brothers, Lucas and Claus by ShyDeathKitty
The Stratos Brothers: Lucas Stratos and Claus Stratos.

Unit# 1299 Rev and Emily Stratos by ShyDeathKitty
Unit# 1299: Rev and Emily Stratos.

Manditory hot chocolate break by ShyDeathKitty
Bonus: Mandatory hot chocolate break.

So, I going to end off this journal here, maybe next time I'll talk about something a tad more positive if my mood is in a stable "fine to good" area.
Ink Heart out...

  • Mood: Hopeless
  • Listening to: The Megas: I'm not the Break Man
  • Reading: What I just wrote...
  • Watching: Youtube
  • Playing: Super Smash Bros. 4
  • Eating: Donuts
  • Drinking: Kool-Aid


ShyDeathKitty's Profile Picture
Ink Heart
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I am Ink Heart, and there is only two rules you need to know when you visit my page.

Rule #1: I'll draw what I want, when I want.
Rule #2: If you don't like that, then fuck off or I'll ban you with my Ban Hammer...

Keep those two rules in mind and there shouldn't be any problems.

F.A.Q Box.

Do you Roleplay?:
Fuck no... So don't ask me... EVER...

Do you do Requests?:
NEVER... You want something from me you pay me first, then we'll talk...
As the Joker taught me, Never do anything you are good at for free...

Can I get Gift Art?
No you may not, Gift Art is for friends only; CLOSE FRIENDS.
This means If I don't talk to you on a frequent basis, leaving meaningful comments on my pictures, and when you do pop up it's only for the once every 6 months whenever I'm taking commissions... You aren't a friend of mine...

Do you do Commissions?
But, I only do them when I feel like it.
You'll have to keep an eye out in my journal for whenever I'm doing commissions or not.
Just don't get your hopes up, them commissions are pricy and I have a list of what I will and won't do.
So don't treat me like your personal art slave...

Can I be your friend?
HA! You're funny you know that?
If you are asking then no...
I've been on this site long enough to damn well know that ANYONE who asks to "be your friend" is just only doing so to get something out of you; usually free gift art for them.
Friendship is earned through talking to people and finding out you have general things in common with each other, not asking for it out of the fucking blue...
If you want to be my friend, I suggest you start by commenting on a few of my works in my gallery.
I will respond to you so long as your comment isn't something like "cool" or "sexy".
If you do that I'll ignore you...


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