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This is my lovely gallery.
It full of things I like to draw.
Come take a peek if you are interested.
If you don't like it than fuck you, I do what I want.



Don't wake the sleeping giant by ShyDeathKitty
Don't wake the sleeping giant
So, interesting story on how this picture can to be...
Apparently, a few of my trollish, lurking, watchers noticed that Tenka only seemed to be drawn in housewife like scenarios; as she is main shown acting motherly and making love to her husband.
One asshole decided to voice his worthless opinion and say "You tell us the Tenka is an extremely powerful Pokemon, even stronger than Tetsuo. Yet, how come the only thing she is good at is being a housewife and sucking her master's dick?"
...After blocking this waste of space, I decided to look through his gallery, and by "gallery" I mean his faves because he does absolutely fuck all on his account.
I noticed his favorite Pokemon is Garchomp, an annoying to deal with Dragon/Ground type, so I decided to use Garchomp as Tenka's punching, because fuck Garchomp, especially Cynthia's Garchomp from Gen 4...
To be honest though I did have this kinda idea in my head for a while now, I guess it took the words of a no life loser for me to follow through with this.
For Tenka, I had fun drawing her in a different kind of pose, mainly action like for this one.
I was afraid that Tenka's large size would make action poses a little more difficult for her, but I managed to work through this as that Garchomp was mainly taking up the room Tenka had.
Speaking of the Garchomp, this was my first time I drew a Garchomp, so if he looks off... Well I don't really give a fuck, I don't like this Pokemon to begin with.
I have to say, it was a bit scary to show Tenka's more dormant vicious side, but I had to prove the Tenka can fight, and it's called the "Crownless Queen" for a reason. 
So thanks shitlord, you kinda helped me with this picture, but not really.
Too bad you can't read this because your account got deleted...
I hope you die in your sleep...

Tenka's Notes:
I don't know why I'm questioning this, but I should know that Pokemon and their Trainers tend to act like this with the hyper competitiveness; but these guys still make me very upset...
Now, me and my team have held the title of World Champion for over 5 years now.
With holding that title for as long as we had, it's safe to say that we a normally recognized as the strongest team in Unova, and throughout most of the other regions.
However, with our reputation comes with some nay sayers.
One very common complaint my Rich gets it usually about Mr. Green Devil, Tetsuo.
I know I don't have to tell all of you that Tetsuo takes great pleasure in beating his opponents to the point of submission, or until they scream mercy.
Many other trainers protest against letting Tetsuo compete in tournaments as he is deemed "too powerful" and have tried time and time again to get him banned.
The rules of the World Tournament say that anything goes in terms of fighting, so long as Tetsuo don't end up killing his opponents then everything he does is legal.
He does get away with a lot because or loop hole in the rule books, but at least he knows when to stop beating his opponents once they can't fight anymore; even if he ends up badly crippling some of them for months at a time.
I can't say the same to other Pokemon I've seen fighting.
This particular Pokemon is a Garchomp named Sully, and he is a mean man...
Throughout his career in battling, he has been known for using rather dirty and sneaky tactics to gain the upper hand in battle, as well as beating his opponents after they have given up.
Often calling out their short comes and problems to their faces.
Again, I know Tetsuo does this too, be he doesn't seem to put as much venom and hatred in his words as Sully does.
Because of his actions, he has been banned for some local tournaments, but somehow not for the World Tournament.
I'd question the World Tournament committee, but I don't know what goes through their heads when they put this kinda stuff together.
During last years tournament, Sully, his trainer, and the rest of his team made it to the grand finals against us; Team Crownless Kin.
Normal everyone on our team gets a chance to fight, but the last fight with Lloyd's Team left alot of us pretty tired, even after a good three hours of recovery and rest.
It was especially hard for Hunny, seeing how this was her first tournament after bouncing back for being pregnant with Two-Tone; plus her Mega Evolution just took it right out of her, needless to say she felt pretty rusty to say the least.
Seeing how everyone was feeling pretty tired, Tetsuo took it upon himself to take one of the challenger by his lonesome.
Of course Tetsuo made quick work of the whole team in a matter of minutes, and Sully was called out as the last member of the team.
Instead of fighting Tetsuo, he called me out and wanted to fight the fabled Crownless Queen.
Tetsuo scoffed and said he wouldn't last more than five minutes against me, Sully laughed and ignored what Tetsuo said and called me out again.
Haven't fought since Kamina's relentless manliness, I sat up and walked towards the stage.
Tetsuo passed me, whispering "He's more bark than bite." 
With what Tetsuo said and from observing Sully's body language, I could he was scared.
He didn't want to fight Tetsuo because he knew he could counter him at all, but called me out because he know if he could get off a Stealth Rock, that victory would be his.
Unfortunately that wasn't going to work for him.
At first, Sully resorted to name calling to try and get under my skin, I ignored it at first and told my self I wasn't going to play his game.
But when he started talking about how I was just a "Housewife" and the rest of us were "chumps" I started get a bit angry.
In my past when I was a bratty Charmeleon teenager, I had some anger issues, as I would bad hurt my opponents if they made me enraged.
I learned how to control this over the years by becoming a mother, and dealing with Tetsuo is training, so it takes alot to get me legitimately angry.
But, it seems my trigger is when someone tries to attack me, my family, and my love master, who is also my beloved husband.
Sully tries to use his Stealth Rocks as kunia to jab them in my sides, I caught his hand in midair and squeezed tight around his wrist until I heard that crunching sound.
I then gave him a quick scolding with the sternest look I could muster, right before punching him as hard as I could right underneath his chest.
He gagged and fell limp, Sully staggered forward for a few feet, then falling to his knees, throwing up blood and passing out.
The entire crowd was stunned into silence for a full minute, until I heard Tetsuo clapping while cackling "That's what happen when you fools awaken the sleeping giant!"
The nurse quickly carted Sully away from the arena to the E.R.
I usually feel awful for what I did if I let my anger control me and hurt my opponents, but I couldn't bring myself to feel bad for him.
If he was going to talk that much trash and couldn't back up his claim, then that's too bad for him...
Usually ended up with many broken rib bones, as his rib cage almost collapsed on itself while puncturing his lungs.
His heart also stopped for a complete 3 minutes thanks to the impacted of the blow.
Sully lived and quickly retired after that fight, his heart could no longer support itself under extreme battle conditions, so for the sake of not wanted to die, it was a force retirement; not to mention he now had breathing issues do to the holes in his lungs.
I didn't wanted to be the bad guy that day, and I didn't want to force Sullivan into an early retirement, but I just couldn't still there and let him insult all of us like that...
Call it pride if you will, but I will protect my title against trash like him...


Felicia The Mightyena by ShyDeathKitty
Felicia The Mightyena
Before I start this description, I have to say I'm awful at drawing guns and armor...
With that said, let's continue.
So as some of you may know, I've been having the issue with "supporters" ever since I've started drawing ponies a while back, as most of them left my page by stop watching me, or just stopped giving a fuck altogether.
That was kinda a harsh reminded of how shallow people on the internet can truly be for the most part.
I mainly just stopped paying attention to most of my watchers after that, only caring about the ones that continued to leave comments on my pictures, and blocking to ones who.
However, there are those few supporters of mine who I recently talked to this year and over skype, his name is :icondeathwatch116: 
He originally found me via :iconksapphire8989: 's page, I'm not sure how long he has been watching me, but as of recently, he has left some pretty nice and moral boosting comments.
Which is rare for me, because I only get the repeated "Nice, Cool, or, Sexy" comments, or a copy paste section where they only say the same thing, over, and over, again.
So thanks to his kind words and encouragement of just being a good friend, I wanted to give him back something in return.
We got to talking about our favorite Pokemon and Deathwatch talked about Mightyena being his favorite Pokemon.
With that piece of info in my head, I decided to draw him a Mightyena girl, based off of the one he used in Gen 3 named Felicia.
Seeing how Deathwatch plays shooter games, like Titanfall, Halo, Planetsiders, and other sci-fi shooters; so I tried basing her off of things like that.
...I don't think I got it to look as good as I wanted...
Sadly I'm shit at drawing armor and guns, so I ran into a bit of trouble with this.
Felicia looks like she came out of Mad Max or Borderlands, which I guess isn't too bad, but I had a different idea in my head.
But, I'm sure Deathwatch will like this anyway.
So thanks for being there Deathwatch, I'm glad to have made a friend like you.
Tetsuo, The Criminal Killer by ShyDeathKitty
Tetsuo, The Criminal Killer
Much like how I celebrated Tenka's birthday on December 26th, I figured I'd do the same with Tetsuo since his birthday is on January 16th.
By doing this, I wanted to show something Tetsuo does as his "job", putting criminals out of their misery with his own kind of vigilante justice; and I know that my seem harsh, but Tetsuo is a psychic Pokemon, so he can read the mind of a criminal and decide if they are redeemable, or if they are going to just cause more issues once they've severed their sentence.
If you've noticed, I gave Tetsuo a bit of a slight update with his look.
Yeah, I kinda got tired of drawing him in his straightjacket jumpsuit, as cool as it was I didn't want to limit Tetsuo to just looking scary.
So I went with the "dorky" style of clothing for Tetsuo to wear, and by dorky, I mean by giving him a tracksuit and crocs to wear on his feet.
At first I remember laughing to myself with how goofy his looked when I was sketching him out, but as I continued with the picture, I found it fitting him more and more.
Again perhaps it's the fact that Tetsuo is a Psychic Type, and it's not really hard to draw a Psychic Type Pokemon anthro and make them look nerdy.
I did give some design to Tetsuo's tracksuit just to make it look a bit more fancy and snazzy if only because tracksuits are a little boring looking otherwise.
As for his pose, I'm proud of this one because I came up with this pose all by myself, didn't even need to look up some reference, perhaps my anatomy is improving finally.
Plus, the glasses, the earring, and the ring on his fingers are what I thought would make Tetsuo look a bit more "civil".

Tetsuo Notes:
Huh, my birthday day is coming up this week.
It's already been ten years since I've been awakened to the world, and things have changed so quickly, some for the worse, but mostly for the better as I'm still alive when all of Kanto wanted my head on a steak.
I've made my home in Unova and when I was brought into the region, I was given a job by the Unovan Government.
Of course when I mean "given a job" I meant forced, because they knew I was a living weapon and didn't want to have another "Green Devil" incident.
I was forced to work for the Unovan Defense Force, or the UDF as it's more commonly known.
What the UDF does is to protect Unova by getting rid of the more "problematic" criminals that reside in the region itself.
Basically, these guys we are tasked with killing are some of the deadly criminals and mob boss that manage to get pass the Unovan Police.
While balancing training myself and the other members on Master's team, I also go around, finding the these wretched Humans and Pokemon, and putting an end to their miserable lives.
In the UDF, I'm the top exterminator agent, I'm so good that I've been labeled as "Tetsuo The Eraser" which fit me quite well as the first mission I was given I was tasked to get rid of the Unovan branch of Team Rocket; I killed 50,000 members in a single day. 
With my most recent mission, I was tasked with hunting down some idiots hiding in the "Unovan Badlands".
You see, a few years ago, their was a construction project that built more roads connecting from Castelia City to Nimbasa City, this would not only reduce the traffic from both cities, but make it easier to travel in between both cities as well.
The Badlands were used as the bridge to connect the two, there weren't many things in that damn desert, not even wild Pokemon, it was just a sandy pit of nothingness.
However, seeing how baren this mini desert was, this made the perfect hidey-hole for criminals as they would hijack the construction workers by stealing all of their belongings and selling it for a high price to the local black market.
This became a progressively annoyance to the Foreman of the project and asked for my help to get rid of the problem.
Low and behold I found so remnants of Team Plasma hiding out over here, as well as a former mob boss of the Fedora gang...
Yes, the "Fedora Gang"... They all wore shitting neckbready fedoras and were just all and out asshole who all deserved to die.
I had wished I wasn't wearing my lovely gift that Master bought for me, my stylish green king's tracksuit, with matching crocs.
So have told me a look like "a Dork" wearing this, but sadly for them, they don't get to get away with saying to to my face...
I did my best to keep my distance and finish of the mob leader by chucking rocks at his legs until I broke them, then proceeded to rip out that steel plate in his head out, avoiding getting his blood on my clothes.
The other Team Plasma members that joined to help him gave themselves up out of sheer horror and not wanting to die, I handed them over to the police stationed in the desert and went back home to enjoy the rest of my birthday party as I was rudely interrupted from it by this asshole I had to kill...
Lucky I hadn't missed too much, Tenka had beaked some Oran Berry Pie, because I like cake better than pie, and once the party was over, I went upstairs to receive some birthday sex from my beloved Shade; she was waiting all day for this moment, and boy I could tell... I'm still sore...
Overall, good birthday, got to spend time with my family and kill some criminal scumbags at the same time.
Today was a good day.

Strange Magic by ShyDeathKitty
Strange Magic
Seeing how I haven't drawn any of Lloyd's teammates I figured it'd be a good time to do so; and I started with my favorite of Lloyd's team and now I think is my favorite Hoenn Pokemon (Thank you X and Omega Ruby), his Mawile, Venus.
So as I stated with the first initial pic of Venus is that she has a crush on her master Lloyd.
Although she doesn't try to catch his attention as much as Lloyd's Latias, Amarillo if only because Venus is "second-in-command" on Lloyd's team and tries to be more mature and take her position seriously.
However that doesn't mean she won't use other more interesting ways to catch his attention, like "accidentally" having her panties fall down during a Pokemon contest...
Yeah, she is a little sneak like that...
For this picture, I wanted to try and fit all of Venus on the paper, so I found this pose and used it for said concept of her acting naughty.
I can say that Venus' outfit was something that I came up with on the spot, although, I was watching Fantasia at the time; maybe you can the "Sorcerer's Apprentice" inspired outfit she is wearing.
I have to say that the Blue and Orange colors on Venus came out alot better than I expected.
Plus, I had a bit of fun with Audrey (Venus' Maw) I kinda turned the spot on her head into a "eye" giving it a cheeky look.
Overall, this turned out great, and I'm glad this picture gave me no real issues.

Venus' Notes:
Oh master, if you only knew how much you make my womanhood trumble.
Even ever since I first met master, after he took me in after my dickhead former master abandoned me for "screwing up" his last magic act; I couldn't help but maybe developing a crush on Lloyd.
Now, I am the second-in-command on the team, Kamina being the absolute team leader.
With such a high rank on my shoulders, I try to act professional keeping the other members on task during Ranger missions and coming up with training regimen for each member to help strengthen their weaknesses, along the help with Lloyd of course.
But, if there is one thing that I love other than beating up on Team Magma and Team Aqua goonies, is participating in the various Pokemon Contests all around Hoenn.
Seeing how I'm not as curvy and busty as Siren is... I'm a bit "flat" in the boobies and butt area...
Because of this fact I can't easily compete in the Beauty contests without getting eliminated in the first round, so I mainly aim towards the Cute and Clever contests.
In my contest entries, I like to add in a bit of comedy into my magician acts as Audrey loves to make others laugh.
However, I wanted to spice things up abit this time, by making things a bit, naughty...
I noticed that Master Lloyd was sitting in the front row, with his sweetheart Flannery right next to him.
So what I did was using some fairy wind to make a deck of cards swirl up into the air, having them make a Full House on the lap of Lloyd as I slid near the edge of the stage with my butt in the air and my panties falling off of my hips.
The crowd when wild with "wooing" as I think that was the first time I had a purposeful "wardrobe malfunction" on stage.
I saw master Lloyd's face turn red as he pulled his hat over his face as Flanery let out a loud chuckle to Lloyd's reaction.
I was expecting master Lloyd to crew me out after the contest was over, but I guess he forgot about that when I brought back the Cute and Clever ribbons home that day.
Don't get me wrong, I know that he is probably going to stick with Flannery, but that doesn't mean I can press his buttons and tease him just a little bit.
At least I don't design myself as a fake Flannery with her Psychic powers like Amarillo does to Lloyd, that silly dragon is FAR too clingy to him...

She is so French... by ShyDeathKitty
She is so French...
So I wanted to draw Genevieve again is a solo picture by herself.
Seeing how I made her painstakingly French, why not completely the package with her drinking coffee and eating a croissant, at a cafe...
Yes, she IS that French...
Work on this picture wasn't to difficult, I mainly used markers to color in this picture and used pink, white, and whatever other colors I had lying around to finish this picture.
Maybe not the most spectacular picture to start out the new year, but fuck, this is the best I could do that day.

Genevieve Notes:
Uhgg... All for these damn plebeians in Unova...
No one seems to know how to make a decent cup of coffee nowadays.
You'd think in a place that is called "The great Melting Pot of the World" you'd think there'd be at least ONE cafe that is run by actual Kalosian coffee makers!
Maybe I have been spoiled on the delicious cups I drank in my home of Kalos, but this "French Mix" they have in Unova tastes nothing like it should.
By, my plight to find good coffee wasn't in vain, as I found one said shop with good coffee.
In order for me to get my fix of actual French Coffee, I usually need to travel into the "Heart" of Castelia City just to find a little "mom and pa" coffee store.
The store is called "Les besoins des Bean" or in English, is roughly translates into The Bean's Knees.
I was immediately drawn in by the aroma of their French Vanilla blend.
The cafe was rather small and had a "lived in" feel to the place.
Many of the patrons were the "regulars" as they all seem like good friends, or at least acquaintance with each other.
I walked up to the counter and ordered and French Vanilla blend, I watched them take my favorite coffee mug and fill it with care.
I took a sip from my cup and I was in Heaven.
The smoothness, the smell, the flavor, it was everything I expected and more.
I soon would visit this cafe, over and over again, eventually becoming a regular customer and only buying bag of their coffee to drink.
You can call me picky if you want, but I know what coffee I like.


Journal History

Yearly review in a nutshell.

Mon Dec 29, 2014, 2:02 AM
Fuck 2014 it sucked...
...End of story...

I mean seriously, I've had bad days, even bad weeks, but I have never had an entire year that was just god awful from start to near finish...
It seems like ever since late March, something has always been popping up to derail what good feelings I was having.
And it seems just like when things started looking up, something else stupid happens...
I'm not going to sit here and ramble about my problems again, because I've gone into greater detail about what has been bothering me in this shitastic year in other older journals...
And it's not like it's just me who has been having an awful year, some of my closer friends have it just as bad as me, or worse.

But I suppose everything hasn't been completely awful this year, as on my birthday I felt pretty good, and I got a pretty good amount of the things on my Christmas list crossed off.
I got three games, those being Fire Emblem: Awakening, Pokemon: Omega Ruby, and Mario and Luigi: Dream Team.
I also got Pokemon Bank too, so I was able to transfer my X Team over to destroy the last third of the game.
I may talk more about some of these other games in other journals, but for now, I've been playing those game to calm my nerves just a bit.
Plus I got a few gifts shipped out to me by some other close friends, so that was nice to get stuff from them.
I did get to see the final Hobbit movie, which was quite good, and get some new slippers and PJs was nice too.
I suppose that "makes up" for all of the bullshit that I've been through this year, but thing still could have been better...

I also know that everyone has a New Years resolution, but those don't come true, so maybe a New Year's wish would work better.
What do I wish for you ask?
How's about some more damn support with my artworks...
Maybe I'm going to sound like a complete attention whoring tool with what I'm about to say, but fuck it I don't care anymore...
It was rather nice to have all of that support when I first started out on this site, however, I guess I shortly saw that the support faded as soon as I stopped drawing them damn ponies...
Rather soul crushing if you ask me.
But maybe perhaps I'd like to connect with someone new.
It my growing ever small group of friends I talk to, I'm probably the only hardcore Nintendo nerd.
And as much as I like to talk to my friends about whatever, I sadly feel like I'm running out of things to say to them.
I don't know, maybe that's what I want, a best friend, because I feel like I've never had one before.
Someone who is interested in what I do and actively pushes me to keep going, and wants to get involved with what I'm doing.
Someone to talk to for hours on end on a frequent basis
Someone to have art trades with, and some collabs on the side just for fun.

But that's wishful thinking now isn't it?
You don't have to agree with what I had to say, but that's what I'd want to happen
..Well, in the mean time I raise my middle finger to sky and say "Fuck You" to 2014...

I'm going to hope something FUCKING AMAZING happens to me next year, because I don't think I can handle another 2014...

Here's to 2015 being better.
Ink Heart out, and Happy New Year.


ShyDeathKitty's Profile Picture
Ink Heart
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I am Ink Heart, and there is only two rules you need to know when you visit my page.

Rule #1: I'll draw what I want, when I want.
Rule #2: If you don't like that, then fuck off or I'll ban you with my Ban Hammer...

Keep those two rules in mind and there shouldn't be any problems.

F.A.Q Box.

Do you Roleplay?:
Fuck no... So don't ask me... EVER...

Do you do Requests?:
NEVER... You want something from me you pay me first, then we'll talk...
As the Joker taught me, Never do anything you are good at for free...

Can I get Gift Art?
No you may not, Gift Art is for friends only; CLOSE FRIENDS.
THis means If I don't talk to you on a frequent basis, leaving meaningful comments on my pictures, and when you do pop up it's only for the once every 6 months whenever I'm taking commissions... You aren't a friend...

Do you do Commissions?
But, I only do them when I feel like it.
You'll have to keep an eye out in my journal for whenever I'm doing commissions or not.
Just don't get your hopes up, them commissions are pricy and I have a list of what I will and won't do.
'So don't treat me like you personal art slave...


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I'd leave you more comments on your pictures if I noticed a change on your attitude like I've told you a couple of times before, because you must be the only artist I've met that have some high standars for his watchers considering how the internet works nowadays and let alone how this site actually works.

The fact I haven't left and still comment your journals, artworks and so on once in a while despite everything means I'm still interested on you no matter the direction your art is taking, I mean, if you're happy the way you are and what you draw nowadays, go for it, it's good to see someone following his dreams and doing what they like to do.
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