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Cute, Romantic, Sexy, MLP :)
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This is my lovely gallery.
It full of things I like to draw.
Come take a peek if you are interested.
If you don't like it then I strongly suggest that you leave my gallery.
Otherwise we are going to have issues that will inevitably end in you being blocked from my page.
...You have been warned...


Which is the better Lord of the Rings trilogy movie? 

11 deviants said The Original Trilogy.
1 deviant said The Hobbit Trilogy.

Journal History

Ugh... So fucking busy...

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 24, 2015, 12:42 AM

Be warn those five people who bother to read my comments, this isn't going to be a positive journal...

So I normally like Autumn as my neighbors become less active and noisy, and I just like the colder weather in general.
But sadly it seems like things haven't been going as smoothly as they could be...
For one I had dental issues.
To make a long story short, I was born with too many teeth in my mouth and I got 4 extra wisdom teeth to be pulled, 2 canines that have to go, fillings, and possible braces because my teeth are very fucked.
So I got a bunch of dentist appointment planed.
I tried to get this problem solve earlier this year in late winter/early spring.
However the insurance apparently didn't want to "work" and it would of cost 600 dollars to simple get some teeth pulled out.
So that has to get rescheduled very soon, because I can feel a wisdom tooth on the bottom row push through my gums, causing painful splitting and some bleeding...
So I've been popping pills to numb the pain.
Not to mention I have to renew my state ID card, because as of October 17th this year I'll bee 22; hence when my "Under 21 ID" will expire.
Now luckily I can do this all online so I don't have to wait an assnumbingly long time in the DMV, hell even the forum I got in the mail strongly suggested I do it online.
It's like the DMV knows how bullshit long of a wait for anything it at the DMV, they have become self aware.
But it still costs money, which my family is a tight on at the moment. 
With bills to pay and what have you, I just hope I can get this filled out so I can have it before my birthday.
That and it'll be more of a pain in the ass if it does expire since I'll have to pay alot more to renew...
I'd ask my step-dad for some extra money, but I guess he like to use his own money for smoking and drinking instead...
You know this is a reason why I have to in a sense sometimes "beg" for gifts over the internet, with money being so tight I can't really get anything that I want.
You can call me an "attention whore" if you want, but at least I actually use my acount for something unlike many others on this site...
Also, I want to bring this to attention, I've added a new section on to my DA page, it's called the "Things I refuse to draw".
On that list are all of the things I will refuse to draw if it is asked for a commission.
If what you see on there upsets you then I suggest you get over it and find some other artist who'll do it for you, because that person isn't going to be me...
Like I stated before, I'm focusing on actually series and working on character designs.
If something titillating should pop up it is 90% of the time going to be for me, the other 10% will be most likely commission related stuff.
Again, just something I wanted to bring attention to, I know how to "Become a famous Artist on the Internet" and I'm not going to stoop down to the level of selling out and only taking NSFW commissions...
I almost fell down that hole by drawing those damn technicolored horses and I tend not to let that happen again...

I suppose if one good thing happened this week is that on September 22nd, in was my brother Randy's birthday.
He is a little hard to shop of, but he'll never say no to new clothing, so we brought him some t-shirts at FYE, and I even was able to buy a Spider-Man 2099 figure, so that was nice.
But everything else was for him, and I'm glad he liked the gifts.

Well, I'm going to stop talking now before I upset some hypersensitive, political correctness asshat, and I think I got my frustrations out for now...
Ink Heart out.

  • Mood: Not Impressed
  • Listening to: Chiptunes of Popular Songs
  • Reading: What I just wrote...
  • Watching: Youtube
  • Playing: Mario and Luigi 4: Dream Team
  • Eating: Pasta
  • Drinking: Kool-Aid


ShyDeathKitty's Profile Picture
Ink Heart
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I am Ink Heart, and there are a few rules you need to know when you visit my page.

Rule #1: I'll draw whatever I feel like, even if you don't like it.
Rule #2: If you don't like that, then fuck off or I'll ban you with my Ban Hammer...
Rule #3: Before you ask me any questions, I strongly suggested you check my F.A.Q box directly below this info sheet.
It'll save you time from asking a stupid question, and me a headache having to answer said stupid question.
Rule #4: There is a list of things I refuse to draw and I generally see too much of on a daily bases.
I've seen so many of these things that the word "dislike" is far too soft for the level irritation I get for them.
Please keep these topics of discussion away from me...
If you like those things then fine, good for you your medal is in the mail.
Just keep it away from me...

Keep those rules in mind and there shouldn't be any problems.

F.A.Q Box.

Do you Roleplay?:
Fuck no... So don't ask me... EVER...

Do you do Requests?:
NEVER... You want something from me you pay me first, then we'll talk...
As the Joker taught me, Never do anything you are good at for free...

Can I get Gift Art?
No you may not, Gift Art is for friends only; CLOSE FRIENDS.
This means If I don't talk to you on a frequent basis, leaving meaningful comments on my pictures, and when you do pop up it's only for the once every 6 months whenever I'm taking commissions... You aren't a friend of mine...

Do you do Commissions?
But, I only do them when I feel like it.
You'll have to keep an eye out in my journal for whenever I'm doing commissions or not.
Just don't get your hopes up, them commissions are pricy and I have a long list of what I will and won't do.
Most of the things I will not draw are sexual fetish related.
So don't treat me like your personal art slave...

Can I be your friend?
HA! You're funny you know that?
If you are asking then no...
I've been on this site long enough to damn well know that ANYONE who asks to "be your friend" is just only doing so to get something out of you; usually free gift art for them.
Friendship is earned through talking to people and finding out you have general things in common with each other, not asking for it out of the fucking blue...
If you want to be my friend, I suggest you start by commenting on a few of my works in my gallery.
I will respond to you so long as your comment isn't something like "cool" or "sexy".
Simple one worded comments will get you nowhere with me.
If you do that I'll ignore you...

Things I refuse to draw.../Things I hate...

Male/Male (Gay).
Foot Fetishes.
Heavy Gore.
Characters made for the sole purpose of sex and sex only.
Overly muscular characters.
Overly obese characters.
Amputee Fetish.
Bee Stings/Insect Bites.
Orgy/Gangbang/Group Sex.
Anying kind of Birthing.
Shota/Loli (Underaged characters in sexual stituations).
Your shitty Recolored OC.
Living Suits.
Goo Girls.
Characters who are thugs, criminals, or are involved or have once been involved with the mafia.
"Popular" Artist's characters.


ShyDeathKitty has started a donation pool!
250 / 3,000
Since I have a Premium Membership I would like to keep it.
So, if you'd be so kind, please donate some points of you can!

Art Status:

Requests: NEVER
Commissions: Closed
Art Trades: Ask me about them
Collabs: Ask me about them
Gift Art: For friends only

You must be logged in to donate.
  • :iconaxiom463:
    Donated Jul 12, 2015, 2:41:11 PM


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